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Subsea Vehicles: UUVs

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with spoil eduction from the cutting face and the base of the trench formation immediately astern of the cutting tool. Product handling is accomplished by means of two elliptical manipulators to place the product in the cable highway, which also incorporates an automatic cable discharge system. Modular by design, integration is by means of two ß ange faces; reconÞ guration between jetting and mechanical trenching may be performed on location within 36 hours.ÒThe previous conÞ guration of UTV1200 (LBT1) allowed for concur- rent trenching (mechanical and jetting) of a pre-loaded product, however after carrying out research the integration of a pre-loaded product was deemed too specialized in the current market, driv- ing the equipment modiÞ cations,Ó said Chris Gamble, Director of Operations.UTV1200 can be provided on project speciÞ c terms or through a long term lease, in coordination with our exper- tise, we can offer operational teams to undertake all trenching project require- ments.Bibby Remote Intervention Limited (BRIL) has secured a multimillion con-tract with Olympic Shipping to install two 150 horsepower deep water Quasar ROVs onboard the construction support vessel (CSV), Olympic Ares. The two ROVs will be installed in the purpose built ROV hangers onboard the vessel by BRIL for ROV and survey services. This follows the signing of a charter agreement with Bibby Offshore and Olympic Shipping for the Olympic Ares for a seasonal charter during 2014 with options to extend. BRIL will install the ROVs in Q4 this year and Bibby Off- shore and Olympic will jointly market the vessel up until the charter agreement begins in 2014. Increased market demand for ROV services, along with contract wins in the renewable and oil and gas sector has driven BRILÕs rapid development. ÒTo deliver high quality products and services to our clients, we have invested signiÞ cantly in our ROV ß eet, includ- ing the addition of the 150hp Quasars to our13 systems,Ó said Mike Arnold, chief operating ofÞ cer, BRIL. Bibby Offshore with new sister com- pany Bibby Remote Intervention Lim- ited (BRIL), has grown from 10 em- ployees in 2003 to now employing more than 1,300 people onshore and offshore worldwide, with ofÞ ces in Aberdeen, Liverpool, Singapore, Trinidad and Houston. The company has an interna- tional ß eet of six subsea support ves- sels and 13 Remote Operating Vehicles Evanscaps are hermetically-sealed tantalum capacitors known for reliable energy in adverse conditions. They deliver sea level and GHHSZDWHUSRZHUIRUFRPPXQLFDWLRQVFRQWUROVSRZHUÀOWUDWLRQdata storage, pulse power, navigation and more. Compact and corrosion-resistant, energy-dense Evanscaps are VSHFLÀHGIURPRXWHUVSDFHWRWKHGHSWKVRIWKHRFHDQ7HVWHGWR 10,000 psi for operation under pressure, Evanscaps save space and provide security ? in AUVs, ROVs and at the surface. For technical specs and pricing, check The Evans Capacitor Company%R\G$YH?(DVW3URYLGHQFH5,86$ ?)D[AT SEA, RELIABILITY IS Marine Technology Reporter 39MTR #1 (34-49).indd 39MTR #1 (34-49).indd 391/23/2014 10:51:24 AM1/23/2014 10:51:24 AM

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