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Subsea Vehicles: UUVs

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and efÞ ciency are always major concerns when working in the Arctic and having a programmable, stable, and robust platform allowed us to collect novel data in challenging conditions,Ó said Kevin Boswell , Marine Sciences Professor in the Biology De- partment at FIU. ÒWe also beneÞ tted from the considerable amount of support given to us by residents of the Alaskan na- tive community in the Barrow area. Their assistance will con- tinue to be important to our future research efforts in the area including our return trips to the Arctic with the USV,Ó added Boswell.Applications for SeaRobotics include bathymetric and hy-drographic surveys; coastal, harbor, and riverine surveillance; and target and destructive test boats. SeaRobotics surface vehicles range from small, modular, man-portable systems to large, long-endurance workhorse vehicles that provide survey and surveillance systems. With 11 thrusters, high payload, and a host of advanced tech- nology, the new Saab Seaeye Leopard ROV recently made its debut. Aimed at the compact work-class market, Leopard was designed to be best-in-class regarding the handling of tool- ing, cameras and survey equipment. As always, Saab Seaeye is mindful of preserving precious deck space, and the the minimal deck footprint of the Seaeye range is maintained with the com- bination of a 20 x 8 ft. single lift, A-Frame & winch LARS and a 20 ft. control cabin for easy transport and rapid mobilization.Its pack of eight horizontal thrusters and three vertical thrust- ers is designed to give Leopard exceptional thrust, powering the vehicle forward at over four knots, and enabling it to hold steady in strong cross-currents. For the pilot, the vehicleÕs iCON intelligent control system gives clear and enhanced information while independently managing each device on the vehicle, including auto redundan- cy that will keep the ROV working even with multiple equip- ment damage.Saab Seaeye?s new Leopard features 11 thrusters and iCON technology. MTR #1 (34-49).indd 41MTR #1 (34-49).indd 411/23/2014 10:52:48 AM1/23/2014 10:52:48 AM

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