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Subsea Vehicles: UUVs

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The Sea-Wolf 3 system is loaded with extras and software capabilities just recently introduced into the light work/ in- spection class of ROVs. The system was designed for in- creased modularity and ease of maintenance and conÞ gura-tions. The Sea-Wolf 3 has an increased payload, an external pan/ tilt platform and an open frame design to allow more ß ow to the thrusters and less drag in currents.This system features the DiveLog software, adding a new level of autonomy for the ROV pilot. New capabilities in- clude: Route Following, Go To, and Station Keeping. DiveL- og has also simpliÞ ed the data inputs from multiple sensors onto one screen, whilst recording all the data into convenient project folders.Below Recovery of Blue Þ n-12S from A-frame. Right Shark Marine ROV to China. (Photo: Shark Marine) Marine Technology Reporter 45MTR #1 (34-49).indd 45MTR #1 (34-49).indd 451/23/2014 10:54:59 AM1/23/2014 10:54:59 AM

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