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Instrumentation: Measurement, Process & Analysis

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Bunje added, ?We see this prize as the  rst step in unlock- ing the wealth of the ocean services industry. Ever-increasing amounts of data can become valuable information, includ- ing forecasting, that could be worth billions of dollars in the future, much as weather services are today. Technology has given us extraordinary progress over the last 100 years, and we believe this prize can spur the demand for data and the wealth of information latent in our oceans. When that hap- pens, markets win and humanity wins.? Registration for the Wendy Schmidt Ocean Health XPRIZE is open now through June 30, 2014. Entry fees are $1,000 per team until March 31, and $2,500 from April 1. Teams are expected to come from diverse backgrounds, ranging from nanotechnology and biotechnology to industrial chemistry and marine science ? from academic institutions, nonpro t organizations and small and medium enterprises ? but XPRIZE said anyone with a creative idea to revolutionize ocean pH sensor technology is encouraged to compete. More information is available at ?Through the prize, we aim to catalyze ocean acidi cation research, spur the development of the ocean services in- dustry, inspire innovations in ocean sensing technology and stimulate the free market to meet the growing demand for ocean pH sensors by producing inexpensive, accurate and durable sensors that can be deployed on many platforms.?Paul Bunje, XPRIZE?s Senior Director of Oceans(pictured left) MTR #2 (50-65).indd 55MTR #2 (50-65).indd 552/21/2014 12:54:05 PM2/21/2014 12:54:05 PM

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