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AUV Operations

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addressed by developments such as un- manned launch and recovery systems, hybrid vehicles and docking stations for in-water charging and improved through-water data transmission. The increased economic challenges of deepwater oil & gas developments lead to a desire to introduce cost-effective approaches. AUVs have proved to be an optimum cost-effective solution for surveys and inspections, as opposed to the higher costs of vessel-based activi- ties. Factors include operation and time costs, and reducing direct human in-volvement in activities in high risk en- vironments. Douglas-Westwood expects further increases in AUV use in deep waters and under-ice as an alternative to ROVs. AUVs are still considered an emerging technology and require more uptake and investment before posing a signiÞ cant substitution risk for surface vessels and ROVs. However, 2014 is ex- pected to represent the Þ rst year of sig- niÞ cant growth which should allow the technology to be the industry eyes in the deepest waters. The Author Eduardo Ribeiro (MSc), Researcher and author of the DW?s World AUV Market Forecast 2014-2018, has been involved in high level projects and advisory work for oil Þ eld service companies and the public sector, undertaking market mod- elling and analysis; specialising in off- shore deepwater market E&P activities. The Report DW?s 5th edition of the AUV Market Forecast covers all key commercial themes relevant to players across the value chain in all AUV sectors:  Technology review ? description of current technology and ongoing devel- opments;  Competitive landscape ? for manu- facturers and operators, including their main activities;  Key drivers ? identi Þ cation and dis- cussion of key underlying drivers and their inß uence on the global AUV market by sector;  Regional forecasts ? analysis of AUV de¬mand development from 2014 to 2018;  Sector forecasts ? demand for AUV units segmented by commercial, mili- tary & research sectors, including re- cent activities and drivers for each ac- tivity and region. shop-infopage.php?longref=1326#. U0_ljß dWrI Marine Technology Reporter MTR #4 (18-33).indd 27MTR #4 (18-33).indd 275/12/2014 10:50:30 AM5/12/2014 10:50:30 AM

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