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The emphasis on responsible and sustainable Þ sheries has been increasing. Fishing companies using the Fish Selector can help in deliv-ering the message to consumers that the company is making its contribution to sustainable Þ sheries.References References (1) Overview of the UK Þ shing Industry (2013). Retrieved from Marine Management Organization website: Þ sher- ies/statistics/annual.htm (2) World Fisheries: Declines, Potential and Hu- man Reliance (April, 2006). Retrieved from the University of Michigan website: www.globalchange.Þ sher- ies/Þ sheries.html (3) Cook, R. (2003). The Magnitude and Impact of By-catch Mortality by Fishing Gear. In M. Sinclair & G. Valdimarsson (Eds.), FAO. Responsible Fisheries in the Marine Ecosystem. (4) Threat 1: Over Þ shing (n.d.). Retrieved from Save Our Seas Foundation website: saveourseas. com/threats/over Þ shing (5) Bycatch ? wasteful and destructive Þ shing (n.d.). Retrieved from Greenpeace website: www. wasteful-and-destructive- Þ shing (6) Kirby, S.K., Ward, P. (2014). Standards for the effective management of Þ sheries bycatch. Marine Policy, 44, 419-426 Marine Technology Reporter 39MTR #4 (34-49).indd 39MTR #4 (34-49).indd 395/12/2014 4:13:57 PM5/12/2014 4:13:57 PM

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