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also supplied the Motion Compensated CTD Handling Sys-tem and the Starboard Side Handling Device, both of which extend to the waterline for improved safety and load control. Seattle based Markey Machinery supplied two electric- motor driven CAST-6-125 Hydrographic Winches, and the DETW-9-11 Traction Winch, both with AC Variable Fre- quency Drives System and electric motors for precise control. Kongsberg Maritime, a 200-year-old Norwegian company, produces a full line of specialty SONARS used in scientiÞ c research, Þ sheries, and oil exploration. For Phase III of the project, Kongsberg will supply advanced SONAR systems. Although speciÞ cs are not conÞ rmed at this time, projected equipment includes deep water and mid-water Multi-beam units, a HiPAP Gantry with a Sonardyne single beam survey system, and a SONAR Synchronization System. A Sub-bot- tom ProÞ ler SONAR is expected as well. Additional equip- ment plans include a Transducer Array, a Mid-water Echo Sounder, and three Current ProÞ lers operating at different frequencies, all are scheduled for installation in Phase III, subject to change as the project progresses. AGOR 28, the second vessel in the Armstrong Class, will be named R/V Sally Ride in honor of the Þ rst female astronaut and the youngest person to go into space. The R/V Sally Ride will be operated by Scripps Institution of Oceanogra-phy, University of California, San Diego, where Ms. Ride was a faculty member before becoming an astronaut. The second vessel will mirror the basic ship equipment with some variations in the scientiÞ c outÞ tting. The christening date for the Sally Ride is scheduled for later this summer. The ship as it was moved into the water at Dakota Creek Industries shipyard in Anacortes, Washington. Marine Technology Reporter 43MTR #4 (34-49).indd 43MTR #4 (34-49).indd 435/12/2014 4:20:46 PM5/12/2014 4:20:46 PM

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