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Oceanographic Instrumentation: Measurement, Process & Analysis

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GRi Simulation: ISE Explorer AUV being recovered with a Hawboldt LARS.GRi Simulation: ISE Explorer AUV being recovered with a Hawboldt LARS.

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Newfoundland and Labrador is simulation centralNewfoundland and Labrador is simulation central hrough its history, Newfoundland and Labrador has simulators, with a 17th soon to be added in the form of an produced generations of seafarers and ocean innova- Offshore Anchor Handler Simulator.

tors. Surrounded by the cold, harsh, ice-prone wa- MI’s best-known simulator is the Full Mission Ship’s Bridge

Tters of the North Atlantic, at the edge of the Arctic, Simulator. Mounted on a hydraulic base in a surround theatre, the people of Canada’s most easterly province have had to it is one of only two full-motion ship’s bridge simulators in the embrace the sea and answer its challenges to thrive and make world, capable of accurately simulating any ship and sea state.

livings. CMS is also home to a Ballast Control and Cargo Handling

Today, technology ensures that training seafarers and pro- Simulator; three Dynamic Positioning Simulators; a Naviga- totyping new technologies does not have to mean risking life tion and Blind Pilotage Simulator; aPropulsion Simulator; and and limb, or unnecessary expense. Newfoundland and Lab- aTug Simulator. MI is using its simulation capacity to nurture rador houses some of the most advanced simulators in North the next wave of ocean experts through its School of Maritime

America. Studies and its School of Ocean Technology.

Central to this is the Center for Marine Simulation (CMS) Further to the in-house capabilities of CMS are private com- housed at Memorial University’s (MUN’s) Fisheries and Ma- panies specializing in the

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