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Oceanographic Instrumentation: Measurement, Process & Analysis

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Virtual Marine Technology (VMT), incorporated in 2004, porate the emergency response plans of the operator we are has created simulation systems which allow lifeboat opera- working with.” tors to practice lifeboat launch, operation and recovery drills So realistic are the simulators that it is not uncommon for using equipment speci? c to the type of lifeboat on board their operators to become seasick, or to work up a sweat during the platform, drilling rig or vessel. simulation exercises. All the better, say VMT’s technicians,

The cabin-based systems, not unlike ? ight simulators, al- for ensuring that lifeboat coxswains will be adequately pre- lows lifeboat coxswains to train effectively in real emergency pared for a real-life emergency.

situations and with major hazards such as ? re and explosions, “It’s really about competency development,” says Whiffen. in a safe, virtual environment. “Enhancing the competency of the guys that operate these “There are many different lifeboat manufacturing compa- boats.” Boats that, unlike the larger craft simulated at CMS, nies in the world currently who offer different lifeboat de- which will ideally see real-world operation in an emergency signs, hooks and lifeboat controls” says VMT’s VP, Sales situation.

and Marketing, Alfred Whiffen. “We create training systems VMT maintains a close af? liation with Memorial Univer- which emulate the speci? c type of lifeboat used and incor- sity, its simulators being used in the Marine Institute’s training

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