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New Sonardyne ‘Syrinx’

Doppler Velocity Log

Sonardyne introduced its ? rst ever Doppler Velocity Log, called Syrinx, de- veloped to meet the needs of surface and subsea vehicles that require high integrity, high performance navigation aiding over a wide range of water depths and seabed type.

The Syrinx DVL employs full linear signal processing to provide very low noise, high precision velocity measurements over a wide range of seabed bot- tom types and altitudes. During extensive testing, Syrinx has demonstrated its ability to achieve consistent and reliable ‘bottom lock’ at high altitudes compa- rable to a 300 kHz DVL, with the high resolution performance of a 1200 kHz


Syrinx can be used as a standalone DVL, as part of an integrated navigation system, or perform both functions at once due to concurrent Ethernet and serial output capability at ping rates of up to 10 Hz. Its dual output capability also

New Software from EIVA now means that only one DVL instrument is required on a vehicle as both pilots

The EIVA NaviSuite software suite and survey teams can simultaneously share the output from Syrinx. This offers now includes a dedicated solution for valuable savings, both in terms of cost and vehicle payload space. anchor handling operations that offers

The Syrinx DVL has also been designed to be easy to install, set up and advanced catenary simulation. This use and can be ? tted to existing instrument mounting brackets. This makes it ensures users data they can trust and a straightforward for users to equip their vehicles with Syrinx without any modi- complete picture of the entire opera- ? cation. A 4,000 metre depth rated titanium version is available to meet the tion. NaviSuite Beka is designed to be requirements of modern Work-Class ROVs, with 3,000 m and 6,000 m models a versatile, scalable and user-friendly also available.

software solution that increases the ef- ? ciency and safety of anchor handling

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