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Linden Photonics

Linden Photonics introduces hybrid cables to its expanding product line. Building upon its STFOCcables whose pedigree comes from a long history and variety of underwater uses - from munitions tethers to ROV controls to littoral water sensing. Linden’s Hybrid cables combine copper and ? ber elements in a lightweight, yet strong and robust tether cable. Linden can customize your size, buoyancy and strength; from neutrally buoyant designs to extremely thin cables with various conductor offerings and ? ber types available. Linden’s patented cable jacket construction is designed to protect the ? ber in the harsh subsea environment. Our cables are compact and rugged; ? exible and strong. operations during rig move and barge their existing portfolio of specialist

STR Unveils management projects. equipment. Ahead of the launch, the

Rechargeable Battery

The solution combines anchor han- R&D team at STR’s Head Of? ce in

Pack & Charger System dling and catenary data acquisition, Subsea Technology and Rentals Great Yarmouth have invested in a sub-

ROV inspection, and reporting in a sin- stantial development program to gener- (STR) unveiled its new subsea recharge- gle tool that covers both operation plan- able battery pack (SeaCell) and charger ate a battery pack and charger capable ning and execution, designed to simplify system (SeaCharge) to complement of delivering a reliable, high power so- the work process and reduces the risk of calculation errors that comes with using multiple software tools.

The advanced catenary algorithm behind the catenary feature of Navi-

Suite Beka offers high-performance, virtually instant anchor chain catenary simulation. The algorithm computes the physical behaviour of the de? ned an- chor chains taking into account material weight, drag, buoyancy, elasticity, etc.

Also, as it is a 3D algorithm, it takes into account water currents, among others.

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