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Underwater Defense

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MacArtney Connectivity for

Navy Bow Sonar Systems

MacArtney Underwater Technology With a system supply spanning the Her- rubber that is transparent to acoustic sig- supplied SubConn underwater connec- akles multifunction radar, the Artemis nal) is ? ooded with chlorinated water in tivity solutions for the bow mounted infrared search and track system, vari- order to maintain its shape. A total of 96 sonar systems that are essential to the ous electronic warfare and communica- outboard harness cables were delivered, undersea threat detection and response tion systems along with a sonar suite, each featuring ? ve power and signal capability of the advanced FREMM Thales has made a signi? cant contribu- outlets (two-pin SubConn connectors) frigates currently operated by the tion to the multi-mission capabilities of for plugging into sonar elements - and

French, Italian and Moroccan navies. FREMM frigates. one SubConn connector for interfacing

In cooperation with naval defense tech- MacArtney supplies the ‘inboard’ with the inboard system at the opposite nology contractors; Thales (France) and lead-in cables running from the sonar end. To eliminate risk of corrosion, all

WASS (Italy), MacArtney has designed dome (bulbous bow) to a central hub the SubConn connectors supplied were and delivered the outboard and inboard within the hull of the ship. Moreover, of the non-metallic PEEK type. cable and connector solutions that in- MacArtney supplied the outboard Sub- While all cables were manufactured terface all sonar elements and connect Conn underwater connectivity harnesses with a specially designed polyurethane these to the on board communications providing the power and signal interface jacket, the inboard cables were made and power network. for all sonar elements within the sonar from halogen free polyurethane materi-

The ? rst ship of the class, the Aqui- dome. Underwater connectors were al. All cables and connectors were tested taine, was commissioned in 2012 and needed for this job, as the dome (which to 4.5 kV. so far, a total of 21 ships are on order. is manufactured partly from reinforced


FREMM bow sonar

SubConn connectivity.

Far Right:

FREMM frigate outline:

SubConn connectors are used to interface the hull mounted sonar (Image: MacArtney) (Image: DCNS) (Image: DCNS)

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