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New Multibeam Z-BoatZ-Boat eledyne Oceanscience, in part- duct detailed engineering surveys, river With on-board computing powering nership with Teledyne Odom scour surveys and infrastructure inspec- the multibeam echosounder, and HY-

Hydrographic, unveiled the tion. The new Z-Boat may be manually PACK running on the Z-Boat PC, this

T? rst public demonstration of controlled from the shore or operated combination opens the prospect of add- a multibeam echosounder-equipped Z- autonomously using a waypoint naviga- ing further instruments and sensors for

Boat 1800 autonomous remote survey tion / line following system developed simultaneously collected georeferenced boat at the U.S. Hydro 2015 Confer- in partnership with MSubs Ltd. (UK). datasets. ence. The 1.8-meter distinctive yellow Conference attendees were able to For example, LiDAR imagery may survey boat is found in action all over drive the Z-Boat using the manual shore be gathered from the Z-Boat for water the world conducting single-beam sur- control system and simultaneously ob- level inspection of surface and sub-sur- veys in rivers, lakes and industrial wa- serve their survey tracks and bathymetry face topography. With alternate Z-Boat ter. The Z-Boat is typically used when data on the shore PC. With the Teledyne con? gurations and telemetry options for access is restricted or conditions are Odom MB1 on board, up to 512 beams other compact multibeam echosound- unsafe for a manned vessel. Adding a may be con? gured in a 120deg swath, ers, users are able to match their choice multibeam echosounder allows users to representing a potentially enormous of sonar with available Z-Boat deploy- expand the range of surveying tasks that improvement in data availability versus ment systems. can be undertaken with the boat to con- the previous single-beam sonar options.

Below: Z-Boat Odom.

Left: Boat and HYPACK.

Photo: Teledyne Oceanscience

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