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Oceanographic Instrumentation: Measurement, Process & Analysis

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Battelle’s HorizonVue

M360 Video System

Camera, now available for sale or lease, gives

Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) ability to see 360-degrees while performing subsea operations

Battelle and Technip recently tested the capabilities of the

HorizonVue M360 Video System on a job in the Gulf of Mex- ico’s Green Canyon to inspect subsea oil? eld equipment, and found that it helped to provide greater situational awareness in a complex operating environment 2,200 meters below the surface. The system is now available for sale and lease.

“We were able to capture footage of pipeline and other sub- sea equipment as well as placement of marker buoys in this very deep ocean ? eld,” said Battelle research scientist Matt

Image: Battelle

Gusto. “Each time we do a dive, we learn more about what this camera can do and its value to ROV operators and their receive in our survey data package” said Iain Miller, Subsea clients.” The camera was tested and operated by Canyon Off- Intervention Manager of Technip, USA. “The depth of infor- shore, Inc., a subsidiary of Helix Energy Solutions Group, mation, and interactivity from 360 imaging software, gives us

Inc., with installation, training and mobilization support pro- more information when analyzing the integrity of subsea as- vided by Seatronics, an Acteon company. Intended for use sets.” by Work Class ROV operators, and subsea oil? eld survey It is designed to be retro? tted on vehicles currently in use engineers, the HorizonVue M360 camera provides enhanced or incorporated into newly built platforms using the COTS situational awareness in areas where keeping track of multiple connector of choice. Seatronics has played a critical role in objects simultaneously is critical. ensuring that 360 degree imaging technology can be easily integrated with common ROV equipment.

The Big Picture “This technology enables a new dimension to camera imag-

The HorizonVue Video System records all 360 degrees of ery that will play an essential part in subsea operations,” said the scene simultaneously. When the video is played back the Euan Mackay, Vice President of Sales Seatronics Inc. “The user is able to use a digital pan and tilt window to explore the system can be independently con? gured by the client resulting 360 image in an immersive environment to investigate what is in various viewing options without affecting ROV operations, missed by the array of cameras normally used. which not only results in time ef? ciencies but also provides a “The camera delivers information that we don’t normally safety aspect with spatial awareness.”

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