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Oceanographic Instrumentation: Measurement, Process & Analysis

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Damen Shipyards Galati

First Steel Cut for Bibby WaveMaster ollowing the recent contract signing for the ? rst ever maining at sea for long periods of time while continuously

Damen Service Operations Vessel (SOV) with walk-to- deploying and retrieving engineers and support workers along

Fwork capability, the ? rst steel was cut this week at Da- with their equipment and components. Keeping the personnel men Shipyards Galati, marking the beginning of construction in good shape throughout the mission and the ability to oper- for U.K.-based client Bibby Marine Services. ate in a wide range of weather conditions were also factored

The new vessel will be named Bibby WaveMaster 1 and de- into the design as key requirements.

ployed in the North Sea to support forthcoming offshore wind To achieve these goals, the development program established construction and O&M projects. that positioning the accommodation amidships, combined “This is a signi? cant moment for this vessel and for both with a shallower draft made the vessel more stable, deliver-

Damen and Bibby Marine Services,” said René Hooijman, ing optimal comfortable living conditions and more ef? cient

Sr. Project Manager Damen. “The beginning of the physical dynamic positioning, Damen said.

construction process is a cause for celebration after years of Primary access to offshore structures is via a motion-com- planning and development. The SOV is the result of extensive pensated gangway. The vessel has been laid out in such a way consultation within the offshore wind industry that has led to that work? ow is highly ef? cient, while remaining separated the design of a completely new concept from the hull up. It is from accommodation areas, according to the builder. To en- therefore great to see the project come to life today with cut- sure reliability and fuel ef? ciency, Damen re? ned the design ting of the ? rst steel exactly according to planning. Assembly leading to a reduction in installed power alongside increased of the hull will start in April and the launch of the vessel is redundancy. planned for early next year.” The potential of the design was demonstrated at an early

The SOV design provides a bespoke solution for operators stage with a ? rst-of-its-kind DP test at the Netherlands marine involved in the transfer and accommodation of offshore wind research institute MARIN. During these trials, a scale model personnel. In consultation with its partners in the offshore in- was pitched against simulated, worst-case scenario North Sea dustry, Damen identi? ed demand for a vessel capable of re- conditions and exceeded all expectations.

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