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Makai Upgrades Cable Installation Simulation Software

Makai released version 6.0 of MakaiPlan Pro, software for planning and simulating subsea power and telecom cable installations. Makai-

Plan Pro includes the tools of MakaiPlan GIS cable route engineering software. In addition,

MakaiPlan Pro allows the user to perform pow- erful and precise 3-D, dynamic simulations of a submarine cable installation. The operator can quickly simulate an entire cable lay in advance from the comfort of the of? ce at up to 50 times faster than real-time. This is useful for develop- ing Ship Installation plans, performing pre-lay and post-lay analysis, and also for operator training. The operator can run advanced simu- lations for conducting Installation Feasibility

Studies and Equipment Selection.

A detailed simulation aids installers in un- derstanding how to control cable seabed slack/ tension during dynamic cable laying situations such as starts and stops, repeater deployments, sharp alter courses, and dealing with irregular

Image: Makai seabed. Makai provides tools for each of the three primary phases of a cable project: • Route Planning and Engineering tion richness of the plan (GIS layers, geo-referenced notes, (MakaiPlan), etc.). After planning and simulating the installation, the entire • Installation Planning and Simulation output (including ? nal ship plan, installation notes and more) (MakaiPlan Pro), and is passed onto MakaiLay, which is installed on the cable ship. • Real-time At-sea Cable Installation Control (MakaiLay). A smooth and hassle-free transition from planning to installa-

Each tool has been thoroughly validated and used suc- tion minimizes the chance of errors, by totally eliminating the cessfully on cable projects for over 16 years, Makai noted. need to use a host of individual Excel spreadsheets, databases,

Information ? ows seamlessly from one product to the next, and simulation tools that were not designed speci? cally for and cable projects that were planned using MakaiPlan can be subsea cable lays.

directly opened with MakaiPlan Pro, preserving the informa-

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