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Oceanographic Instrumentation: Measurement, Process & Analysis

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solutions, BMT can forecast, measure and Monitor System (CMS) Software, which ology International 2016: the Deep Sea analyze, providing companies with the includes patented features such as block GraviProbe (operational until a depth of insight and knowledge to understand the tracking algorithms to maintain accurate 5500 m), the iCone (for surveys in small response and operation of structures and tracking. This solution is a comprehen- waterways and rivers) and an Autonomous vessels in complex environmental condi- sive work? ow management tool for block Survey Platform.

Booth #: G350 tions. With of? ces located in Europe, placements. Coda Octopus have contin-

Asia and the Americas, BMT draws upon ued to push this unique technology across a wide range of experience and expertise a range of different market applications

EdgeTech to offer cost effective, safe and reliable across the world. Real-time 3D visualiza- products and services across the oil & tion dominates all other visual markets gas, renewables and coastal maritime and underwater is no exception.

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EdgeTech is celebrating “50 Years in

Underwater Technology” this year and dotOcean dotOcean offers innovative measurement the company will be exhibiting many of

Coda Octopus

Coda Octopus continues to develop instruments, sensor networks and rapid its well-known products and solutions at unique real-time 3D technology and it development services to the maritime and Oceanology International in March 2016. now has three different levels of sonar offshore industry. The products dotOcean The company is known worldwide for system for different customer require- will present at Oceanology International its high quality products which include: ments (Echoscope, Echoscope C500 and 2016, are being used for sediment analy- side scan sonars, sub-bottom pro? lers,

Dimension). Coda Octopus have also ses, pro? ling underwater soil layers and bathymetry systems, AUV, USV and ROV- signi? cantly enhanced its real time 3D determination of the nautical depth. Next based sonar systems, combined and solution for breakwater application by to the GraviProbe and DensX, dotOcean customized solutions. In addition to the further development of its Construction will present three new products at Ocean- full line of underwater survey products,

EdgeTech provides reliable USBL systems, transponder beacons, deep sea acous- tic releases, shallow water and long life acoustic releases, and customized un- derwater acoustic command and control systems.

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FSI designs and manufactures precision instrumentation for marine applications:

Kongsberg Maritime • Sub-Bottom, Sidescan, Combined, and

With focus on ‘Integrated solutions for re- CHIRP Sonar Imaging Systems search vessels’, KONGSBERG’s stand fea- • ACM-PLUS Family of Current, Wave, tures a MUNIN AUV, the latest generation and Tide Meters

HiPAP system, cNODE miniS transpon- • Pinger/Locators and Recovery Systems ders, new EM 712 shallow-to-medium • Acoustic Transducers and Arrays depth multibeam echo sounder, a new The CHIRPceiver is a true 24-bit dual portable multibeam (EM 2040 P) and the frequency CHIRP sub-bottom pro? ling new EA 440 single beam echo sounder. transceiver; provides CHIRP acoustic

GeoSwath Plus USV, wide swath bathym- pulses in standard LF (1KHz-10KHz), and etry for unmanned surface vehicles and optional ULF (200Hz-2KHz) or HF (8KHz- the PulSAR towed side scan sonar will be 23KHz) bands. Bubble Gun portable, low- on show. The new KONGSBERG Maritime frequency, seismic systems enable deep

Broadband Radio will transmit live video/ data to the stand from the Northern Wind vessel, which has EM 2040 P, EM 2040 and TOPAS PS120 on board. Product demos will be held on Northern Wind throughout Oceanology.

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