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Oceanographic Instrumentation: Measurement, Process & Analysis

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sub-bottom and transition zone surveys from small vessels; minimal footprint,

Marine Electronics Ltd.: New Dolphin 2D Sonar power source, and infrastructure needs;

Marine Electronics Ltd. is presenting its new Dolphin 2D sonar at Oceanology low frequency, wide band energy spec- where designers of small AUVs and ROVs are expected to be impressed by its per- trum; stable and repeatable shot-to-shot formance and compact size. The new sonar was ? rst shown to the industry in proto- wavelet correlation.

type form a year ago. Since then further design, development and testing has been

Booth #: N10 completed and Marine Electronics is now able to demonstrate this impressive new product to potential customers who have been waiting eagerly since its preview.


The new Dolphin 2D is a 720 kHz system that has evolved from the company’s ex-

Imenco UK Ltd will be exhibiting at isting Dolphin 3001 model while introducing several new key bene? ts. Its compact

Oceanology International 2016 at ExCel size and light weight now make it an ideal choice for use on small ROVs and AUVs

Exhibition and Conference Center in as well as for other applications on surface craft. Its versatility and ease of use is

London where it will be sharing stand also improved by an Ethernet connection to the underwater unit.

L150 with its Middle East Agent Indepth

A one-piece composite ceramic unit with 96 elements gives the new Dolphin 192

International Ltd. Imenco will be highlight- acoustic beams that create a 120 degree horizontal display. With a low power con- ing the SubVIS Orca HD over Ethernet sumption of less than 15 watts the sonar can provide clear images at 30 frames subsea camera along with the widest per second for very close range work at less than 1-metre, or for long range imag- range of SD and HD subsea cameras, ery up to 100 metres at 7.5 frames per second. It is able to provide the clearest

LED lights and green line lasers available imagery at most ranges but if customers need a 2D sonar for targets at a speci? c from a single manufacturer. The range distance the basic model can be adapted to meet their needs. The new sonar also of Imenco electronics provides complete contains a nine-axis MEMS motion sensor and requires no surface image process- spreads for all classes of ROV, Trenchers, ing. This means that what leaves the unit via its Ethernet connection is the image

Ploughs, and for diver support. The Sub- that the user sees.

VIS Orca has undergone successful trials

Booth #: E200 in the Northern North Sea over the last six months producing stunning video outputs for environmental research organizations byte option, Pilot can easily be integrated specialized in shallow and extremely shal- and oil and gas companies alike. Imenco into your existing data acquisition system. low waters, from 0 to 100 m deep. It can will be showing some of the results on a provide multibeam bathymetry, side-scan large video screen on stand. Imenco UK Key features and bene? ts sonar imaging, water quality monitoring

Ltd will have sales and technical support • Pole-to-pole global coverage and various other related services. At its available throughout the exhibition to • Reliable high-speed data (32 kbps, Oceanology International stand, visitors answer any customer queries on existing 64 kbps, 128 kbps) can ? nd out more about the company’s and future HD over Ethernet ranges of • 3 independent voice line capability survey services and take part in live dem- subsea electronics, of which the SubVIS • Durable construction onstrations on its Underwater Mass Spec-

Orca is the ? rst. • Performs in any conditions trometer. Visitors will be able to see how

Booth #: L150 • Easy to install easy measurements can be performed • Global Service Program and ? nd out more about the advantages • 5-year limited warranty of this revolutionary method.


Booth: Atlantic Canada Pavilion Booth #: B551

Join JouBeh at OI 2016 in London where it will be showcasing the Iridium Pilot. The

Marine Research Ltd.

National Oceanography Center

Iridium Pilot is more reliable than ever, delivering exceptional performance, dura- Marine Research Ltd. is a hydrography The National Oceanography Centre (NOC) bility and value for broadband connectivity and oceanography service company, will be demonstrating sensors and show- at sea, everywhere on the planet. Without casing its science and marine autono- the burden of long-term commitments, mous systems capability at Oceanology you can still satisfy all your voice and data International. The NOC’s marine au- communications needs at prices that ? t tonomous program will be taking place in your budget. As the best Iridium cost-per- room nine over the morning of the 16th of

March, and will include a talk on the new

Marine Robotics Innovation Centre as well as one on the use of sensors and AUV’s in

Carbon Capture and Storage. The Oceans of tomorrow stand will also be hosting demonstrations of pH and nutrient sen- sors developed at the NOC.

Booth #s: A235, A315

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