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Oceanographic Instrumentation: Measurement, Process & Analysis

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Acquire-Process-Visualize-Share: Be sure to visit QPS where it will showcase its industry leading software (QINSy, Qimera,

Fledermaus and Qarto) for collection, post processing and visualization of maritime

Oceaneering geomatic data. Latest features on display

As the trusted subsea connection special- will include new tools in QINSy for cablelay ist, Oceaneering solves beyond the status and rockdumping projects; some great quo for subsea surveys and deepwater new tools for data cleaning and process- sea? oor mapping. We connect reliable ing in Qimera; powerful new pipe/cable vi-

AUV technology to pipeline inspection and sualization tools in Fledermaus; and Qarto offer cost-effective, innovative solutions our brand new ENC production toolkit.

with accurate, high-resolution pipeline

Booth #: H200 inspection information.

Pushing the frontiers of marine sci-

RTsys ence and ocean technology using new

The COMET AUV will be displayed for the leading-edge technologies, Oceaneering ? rst time at Oceanology International is connecting what’s needed with what’s 2016. next as the world’s largest ROV operator.

RTsys, a specialist in underwater acous-

Our services include but are not limited tics, revealed the results of a four years

Nautilus Marine Service to Survey Services; C-Nav Precise Point development combining acoustics and

Nautilus Marine Service, the provider of

Positioning solutions; Subsea Asset In- underwater robotics. The company devel-

VITROVEX glass housings capable of oper- tegrity; Subsea Connections; and Service, oped a next generation of AUV meeting ating in the most extreme regions of the

Technology and Rental. the needs of current demand in offshore

Earth, has increased its product range:

Booth #: J301 companies such as weight and size, work- both a 13-in. diameter glass sphere that ing capabilities (speed and autonomy), po- can withstand full ocean pressure and a

QPS sitioning and recovery and re-deployment.

20-in. diameter glass spheres with and

Pictured below: C&C Technologies’ Hugin

The ? rst achievement is to offer a more than 40 kg uplift, are available

AUV conducting pipeline inspection op- compact system with high speed and immediately. Various high optical grade erations in the Gulf of Mexico – pipeline autonomy which is quickly recon? gurable spheres up to 7.5-om/ diameter comple- inspection data processing and visualiza- and deployable. COMET AUV weighs less ment the deep water product range of tion in QPS Fledermaus.

than 35 kg and can speed up to 15 knots.

VITROVEX enclosures for applications fea-

It is able to cover a 200 km distance at 3 turing camera, video and lights. VITROVEX glass enclosures offer the dual advantage of buoyancy and pressure proof hous- ings - a perfect combination for small and autonomous underwater instrumentation packages.

Booth #: F200

Outland Technology

Outland Technology introduces a new underwater CP probe, model CP-100. The

CP-100 features dual cell technology to provide accurate and reliable CP read- ings as well as a hardened stainless tip to stand up to abuse from the environment.

It is suited to both contact and proximity readints. It is available with both Diver- held and ROV mounts and multiple con- nector options.

Booth #: H700 (photo: RTsys)

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