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Oceanographic Instrumentation: Measurement, Process & Analysis

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knots on a single deployment thanks to its rechargeable batteries. Moreover COMET

AUV is used as collaborative underwater drones or operate in “swarm” mode.

In July 2015 COMET AUVs realized a world premier by operating in swarm mode scouting in front of a vessel. COMET AUVs are able through swarm mode develop- ment and using its underwater acoustic capabilities to collaborate on various 3D geometrical that will improve their positioning accuracy. These AUVs can operate from several meters to 1500 meters from each other and are able to accomplish a various type of missions and communicate in broadband. A wide range of sensors load can be embedded on COMET AUVs which are now ready to provide their cutting edge capabilities to many applications.

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VectorNav introduces the VN-360 GPS-Compass, an OEM heading and position sensor that provides a low-cost alternative to digital magnetometers and larger, more expensive GPS-compass/Satellite-compass systems. By connecting two

GPS/GNSS antennas mounted with a clear view of the sky, the VN-360 provides a reliable, fast-acquisition position and heading solution for a wide range of applica-

SEACON (part of TE Connectivity) are tions. With a footprint the size of a postage stamp and a user-con? gurable an- world leaders in underwater connector tenna baseline, the VN-360 offers maximum ? exibility for integration into existing technology and provide an extensive and systems and enables new applications previously constrained by size, weight, and diverse range of electrical, optical and power requirements. The VN-360 is the follow-on product to VectorNav’s recently hybrid connector assemblies, submers- released VN-300 Dual Antenna GPS/INS. In addition to GPS-Compass capability, ible switches and cable system solu- the VN-300 includes an onboard inertial navigation system (INS), which provides tions for many applications within the highly accurate position, velocity, and attitude estimates under the most demand-

Oceanographic, Oil & Gas, Defense and ing dynamic conditions.

Environmental markets. Also exhibiting

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Connectivity, Rochester Wire & Cable,

Raychem and Tyco Electronics.

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Sea? oor Systems

Dockside Demo

Sea? oor Systems launched a line of

Autonomous Surface Vehicles developed for hydrographic survey applications. The

EchoBoat-ASV is a multi-payload, remotely and autonomously controlled survey boat, featuring portability, improved thrust and large payload capacity. The HyDrone-ASV is a remotely and autonomously con- trolled singlebeam survey catamaran plat- form for bathymetric surveying. Sea? oor’s

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