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Oceanographic Instrumentation: Measurement, Process & Analysis

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range of ASVs combine workhorse utility ing, navigation, imaging, communications up of Syrinx DVLs, acoustic and optical and capability with modern, advanced and monitoring. New additions to the com- modems, NOAS obstacle avoidance sonar microelectronics making owning and pany’s Lodestar AHRS and SPRINT inertial and SMART, an instrument designed for operating an ASV affordable to all in the product lines mean that there is now a asset monitoring and analysis.

Booth #: F300

Hydrographic Community. model to suit all ROV/AUV applications

The survey vehicles can be monitored and budgets. As all versions use the same while underway, in both Auto and Manual small and lightweight subsea housing, us-

SubC 4K Suite modes, while within line-of-sight range. ers can switch capability without having to

The mission planner application runs on ? t different vehicle hardware. Sonardyne a base station laptop, connected through will also be presenting its expanded line- a radio telemetry link, and displays the vehicle’s graphical positioning and prog- ress against a background map of the survey area. Battery voltage, current, and capacity remaining may be monitored via this link. Switching from autonomous to remote control is easy using a high-power remote control system that offers up to 2km range, with a survey endurance of over eight miles on a single battery pack SubC releases its 4K Ultra High De? nition

Both survey vehicles will be shown at (UHD) suite at Oceanology. Featuring 4K

Oceanology International 2016 in London. video, digital stills, LED Light/Strobe and

There will be a live demonstration of the a 4K DVR Overlay system, the 4K suite is

EchoBoat-ASV on the ExCeL dockside the latest in SubC’s high resolution video/ on 15th and 17th March at 10:30 and digital stills packages and is the ? rst 15:30. commercially available 4K system on the

Booth #: B601 market. With four times resolution of HD, the 4K suite provides the highest quality underwater footage with incredible detail


Subsea technology company Sonardyne for the inspection of subsea assets and

International, will be presenting technical ocean science research. The 4K suite and advances in surface and subsea position- its components are designed for easy in- (photo: Sonardyne) tegration with almost any platform includ- ing ROVs, AUVs, Towed Video and Drop

Camera systems. The camera and light can also be combined with a battery for a completely autonomous monitoring solu- tion as the camera can be programmed to carry out a series of operations at custom intervals when direct control is not avail- able.

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Since 1985, Tecnadyne has been a leader in the worldwide subsea robotics industry, manufacturing the most reliable and longest lasting thrusters on the

SubCtech: Li-Ion Subsea market. A large portion of Tecnadyne’s manufacturing activity involves the design,

Power – The Subsea Socket fabrication and development of customized subsea systems to satisfy the unique

SubCtech, Kiel’s answer to the increasing requirements of our customers, including propulsion systems, rotary & linear demand for greater autonomy and long- actuators, hydraulic power units (HPU’s), intelligent hydraulic valve packs, subsea term deployments underwater is a safe and harsh environment controllers, subsea position sensors, and subsea pres- and highly-reliable family of Li-Ion batter- sure compensators for use on Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV’s), Autonomous ies, the PowerPack. A high energy density

Underwater Vehicles (AUV’s), manned submersibles and other subsea platforms. of 210WH/kg on battery level makes

Tecnadyne is introducing a specialized product line of AUV brushless DC thrust-

SubCtech’s Li-Ion batteries with pressure ers. As with all of Tecnadyne’s thrusters, they will have capability for integrated housing made of titanium more ef? cient electronics, option for full ocean depth and magnetically coupled propellers to than comparable pressure-neutral Li-ion eliminate shaft seals for optimum reliability.

batteries. Long-term deployments and

Booth #: M120 high currents are no longer problematic, thanks to the system design and the low

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