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MTR 100: The 11th Annual Listing of 100 Leading Subsea Companies

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MTR 100 botics products into a single ROV that rapid growth. Similarly, the new Ar-

Blue Robotics Inc is touted as cost ef? cient given its ca- duSub subsea vehicle control software

Blue Robotics is a young and innova- pabilities and ? exibility. The BlueROV2 is designed around the open-source tive company in the marine robotics in- has already seen extensive interest and DroneCode autopilot hardware and the dustry. Since launching its T100 Thrust- er through a Kickstarter campaign in sold more than 50 units in the ? rst week ArduPilot codebase, bringing in hun- 2014, the company has expanded to since release. dreds of contributors, years of develop-

The Blue Robotics technology port- ment, and providing features similar to offer nearly 100 products designed to folio is focused on innovative thruster the most advanced ROVs.

make marine robotics more acces-

Email: sible, including its recently released designs and other components as well

BlueROV2, one of the most affordable as open-source software and hardware.

These technologies provide high quality and capable ROVs available. The Blu-

Caley Ocean Systems at a revolutionarily low cost. The com- eROV2 combines many other Blue Ro- pany’s patent-pending thruster design In 2016, Caley has raised the bar for uses a unique brushless motor design dive bell handling systems, with devel- that is highly compact and inherently opment of 18-man and 24-man DNV pressure tolerant. classed, twin bell, saturation dive sys-

In 2016 Blue Robotics released a tems; and a 3m wide portable saturation number of sensors and electronics solu- dive bell handling system - one of the tions including a pressure sensor rated most ultra-compact, fully road trans- to 300m depth, a high-accuracy temp portable, bell handling systems ever sensor, and several tether interface made.

boards. These products are all open- Based in Scotland and established in source hardware, following the open- 1968, Caley Ocean Systems – a business source revolution within the aerial drone within the Seanamic Group – produces market that has spurred innovation and offshore handling systems for the oil and 112 Montee Industrielle - Suite 200, Rimouski

QC, Canada G5M 1B1

Phone: +1.418.731.1539

Fax: +1.418.731.1557


CEO/President: Eric GAUDREAU

Number of Employees: 5

After six years of operation, Canadian based AXSUB

Inc. has become a key supplier for the commercial diving industries, hyperbaric industries and military in

Canada, with distributors around the world.

The AXSUB team has designed several types of monitoring systems for the underwater and hyperbaric industry. AXSUB manufactures diving equipment such as digital video recorders, low voltage LED lamps, un- derwater cameras and electronic depth meters, and its systems are used by the key players for video recording

AXSUB and continuous real time depth monitoring of divers. portable system, AxVIEWHD V-P, available as a 1- or a

The AXSUB ? agship product is the AxVIEW 2V- 2-diver system, which can be delivered with a Pana-

RM. Designed for commercial diving operations, when sonic Toughpad and monitors installed in the lid of the used with a computer, it enables video recording and Pelican case. When using the AxVIEW systems with numeric depth meter connectivity which will transform other AXSUB products such as the AxLIGHT 35 LED the AxVIEW into a diver control platform. This is the lamp with the integrated overheating protection circuit company’s second generation of diving data manage- and the AxSEE 57i SMART camera equipped with a ment system, AxDDM, that is design for a typical rack- built-in depth sensor, it becomes an integrated solution mount installation available as a 1-, 2-, 3- or 4-diver that allows managers and supervisors to effectively system. AXSUB will launch in 2016 its high de? nition increase safety and ef? ciency of diving operations.

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