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MTR 100: The 11th Annual Listing of 100 Leading Subsea Companies

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gas industry; oceanographic, marine sci- including several systems in continu- ence and naval emergency vessels; and ous service for over 30 years, through offshore power and telecom cabling. to oceanographic tool deployment to

The company’s services include marine 10,000m, and deepwater lowering sys- and offshore handling systems develop- tems for subsea processing systems. In ment, design consultancy, professional addition to systems design facilities in- project management and engineering cluding 3D modeling (Autodesk Inven- services. Caley Ocean Systems provides tor & Solidworks) and Finite Element full installation and commissioning of Analysis (ANSYS Professional), Caley offshore handling systems, crew training has a large manufacturing facility. Cov- programs and worldwide after sales sup- ering more than 2,323 sq. m., the high port. Caley Ocean Systems is a technol- bay, multifunction workshops include ogy leader in offshore handling systems two 2 x 40 metric ton overhead cranes. including: A-frame and winch systems, Caley offers a range of dive handling so- rigid in? atable rescue boats and work- lutions, and also supplies bespoke han- boat davit systems, bespoke oil and gas dling systems for ROV and AUV for wa- deployment systems; ROV, AUV and ter depths over 4,000m. The Caley Davit dive bell handling systems, and cable is recommended around the world as the laying carousels and spoolers. A-frame premier solution for safe deployment of and winch systems range from submers- rescue and workboats. ible and submarine rescue vessels LARS

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