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MTR 100: The 11th Annual Listing of 100 Leading Subsea Companies

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MTR 100 beam echo sounders. In 2015, Australia novate and bring modern processing

CEE HydroSystems

CEE HydroSystems is committed to based CEE HydroSystems opened the power to single beam echo sounder continuing to developing new modern ? rst overseas of? ce in San Diego, U.S. equipment. This approach results in

CEE HydroSystems continues to in- equipment substantially smaller, lighter,

SBES options for cost-effective shallow and more robust than products water hydrographic surveying.

that may be based on technol-

Bruttour International ogy that has changed little over launched CEE HydroSystems several years. As a result of in 2011 as a new division estab- electronic component develop- lished to focus on the develop- ment, there no longer has to be ment and manufacture of ? eld a compromise between size, proven shallow water CEE hy- convenience and performance drographic survey products ? rst of shallow water hydrographic designed by Bruttour. Since the echo sounders. With CEE Hy- company’s inception, CEE Hy- droSystems equipment, it is droSystems have grown and possible to have capability and increased design and engineer- convenience at the same time.

ing capabilities to enhance its

Email: product range and now offer a suite of highly speci? ed single 4027 Leary Way NW, BioSonics, Seattle, WA 98107

Phone: 202 782 2211


CEO/President: Timothy Acker

Number of Employees: 15

Vice President:Beverly Acker

BioSonics is a pioneer in unique deployment methods for surveying in the most challenging environments and a developer of unique software for habitat mapping and real-time, automated ? sheries data processing

BioSonics ? rst introduced ? xed-location hydroacous- tic ? sh monitoring in 1980. BioSonics introduced the mobile scienti? c echosounder in the mid ’80s and since evolved the technology to the current DT-X Digital and MX Habitat series. Systems can be con? gured for mobile, automated ? xed-position, and submersible autonomous deployments. BioSonics echosounders are used in all aquatic environments where accurate assess- ment of marine life abundance, distribution or behavior is required. Versatile, rugged designs allow for use in every environment imaginable. Technical staff includes cooling water intakes, with several systems now in use

BioSonics Inc.

a team of experts in software and electrical engineering, at nuclear power facilities used for early warning and ? sheries science, oceanography, and hydroacoustics. reducing risk of clogged intake screens.

BioSonics technology centers on focused, split beam BioSonics developed an automated software that pro- and single beam hydroacoustics. Core products are the cesses split beam data in real-time to create track lists

DT-X and MX series mobile echosounders for ? sheries containing information that includes the size, location, and aquatic habitat assessment. Digital transducers with direction and speed of travel for each target detected.

superior signal to noise ratio, extremely low side-lobes, The company’s ROV mounted echosounders for and multi-frequency, multi-channel systems are some aquatic habitat and ? sheries surveys conducted by of the unique technology advantages offered. remote control using wireless Ethernet communication

A recent BioSonics innovation is its ? xed-station allows for data collection in environmentally sensitive monitoring system technology for debris monitoring at and/or hazardous areas inaccessible by manned vessels.

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