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MTR 100: The 11th Annual Listing of 100 Leading Subsea Companies

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MTR 100 gies designs, manufactures and delivers unique FPSO swivels. Typically com- prised of electrical slip rings, hydrau- lic utility swivels and ? ber optic rotary joints, swivels are used in a variety of

Floating Production Systems (FPS) in- cluding buoys, turret moorings and off- shore loading towers. The Focal multi- simplify optical transmission systems ? ber, electrical, and ? uid rotary joints plexer product line offers a range of time for harsh environments, explosion-proof division multiplexers (TDM) and wave and reduce cost, improve reliability, re- / ? ameproof for hazardous locations division multiplexers (WDM). These duce weight and enhance performance.

Email: [email protected] and adaptation to customers’ size and multiplexing techniques can be used to mounting constraints. Focal Technolo-

New Saxon House, 1 Winsford Way, Boreham

Interchange, Chelmsford, Essex, UK CM2 5PD

Phone Number: +44 (0)1245 702100

Email: [email protected]


CEO/President: Ian Douglas

Number of Employees: 147

Global Marine Systems Limited: a leading provider of engineering and underwater services to oil & gas, renewable energy & power and telecommuni- cations markets. We provide subsea cable installa- tion, maintenance and burial with a ? eet of vessels and subsea trenching and burial equipment and have a legacy of 165 years.

Global Marine Systems Limited provides engineering and underwater services, responding to the subsea cable installation, maintenance and burial requirements of customers around the world. The company has a legacy

Testing Capabilities: The Head Of? ce in Chelmsford of 165 years in deep and shallow water operations and houses Global Marine’s industry leading test facility for operates worldwide with main of? ces in Chelmsford, cable manufacturers and other industry organizations.

U.K. and Singapore. Global Marine offers a comprehen-

Cable products must be suitable for the harsh marine en- sive, end-to-end solution for multiple offshore industries vironment it has to operate in. Therefore, cables, joints, including oil and gas, telecoms, offshore renewables, rope, hawser or repeaters can be tested rigorously here power and deep sea research. In September 2014, Global before deployment. A complete range of mechanical,

Marine was acquired by HC2, marking the beginning of electrical, environmental and optical test facilities are a new chapter for the business, bringing with it the op- included to simulate marine deployment and oceano- portunity to develop existing services and take the com- graphic conditions. These include tensile testing (up to pany’s capabilities to new markets around the world. 100kN), torsion, high voltage and pressure testing – to

In February 2016, Global Marine acquired a majority internationally agreed standards and with full monitor-

Global Marine Systems stake in offshore renewables specialist CWind, adding ing and data logging, both electrical and optical. Pres- a diverse range of construction and O&M services to its sure testing can simulate the conditions at the deepest current capabilities. Global Marine obtained recognition point of the ocean; high voltage testing can simulate for its innovation and best practice in the ? eld of engi- electrical surges, and the round the sheave tests simulate neering, receiving the Engineering Award at the Inter- all types of deployment from vessels. Following testing, national Business Awards held in Singapore, 2014. And concise reports are issued together with test certi? cates. previously, Global Marine was ranked in the Top Track

Global Marine holds the RoSPA Order of Distinction in 250 by the UK Sunday Times. The award compliments recognition of 16 consecutive years of outstanding oc-

Britain’s leading mid-market private companies with the cupational health and safety results.

biggest sales.

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