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MTR 100: The 11th Annual Listing of 100 Leading Subsea Companies

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Kongsberg Maritime

Strandpromenaden 50, Horten, Norway 3183

Phone: +47 32 28 50 00



CEO/President: Egil Haugsdal

Number of Employees: 4,726 (2015)

Annual Sales: Operating revenues: $1.2B (Image: KONGSBERG)

Kongsberg Maritime is a marine technology company move into aquaculture, with focus on emerging offshore with a portfolio of innovative solutions designed to over- facilities. Kongsberg also provides underwater and come challenges in all marine industry sectors, including positioning technology and systems for survey vessel merchant, offshore, subsea, naval and ? sheries. Kongs- operation and a portfolio of hydroacoustic systems and berg says it offers the largest portfolio of technology underwater vehicles for scienti? c and commercial use. available from any single supplier, thus maximizing per- Commercial ? shing vessels also rely on Kongsberg Mari- formance by providing “The Full Picture.” The company time’s Simrad equipment to maximize catch performance. delivers a wide range of systems for subsea survey and It develops cutting-edge hydroacoustic survey systems construction, maritime security, environmental monitor- including multibeam and single beam echo sounders, and ing, dynamic positioning and navigation systems, marine sonars, positioning and subsea communication equip- automation, safety management, cargo handling, mari- ment, heading and motion sensing instruments, and sound time simulation and training, satellite positioning, naval velocity sensors and processing software.

sonar systems, ? shery research and catching systems, Kongsberg is also a leader in the ? eld of underwater underwater mapping systems and marine robotics. cameras and is the company behind the well-known Sea-

The Norway based company has a global presence, with glider, REMUS, HUGIN and MUNIN AUVs. It is also 55 of? ces in 18 countries, including manufacturing loca- involved with Eelume, a unique new ‘snake-like’ robot tions in Canada, China, Germany and several in the U.S., for underwater inspection/maintenance.

U.K. and Norway. Recent developments include environmental monitoring

Kongsberg Maritime’s sonar, multibeam echo sound- using a diverse array of sensors and a unique integrated ers, cameras, positioning and underwater communication technology to enable new, groundbreaking ‘exposed’ ? sh systems, and AUVs are used in survey and inspection farming facilities.

operations worldwide. Working closely with customers to Kongsberg Mesotech Ltd., a Canadian KONGSBERG develop technology that pushes the limits in subsea appli- subsidiary, is also leader in the underwater acoustic cations, Kongsberg Maritime is also dedicated to develop- industry. Clariscan is the latest development in its domed ing innovative environmental monitoring solutions. sonar technology for underwater vehicles and provides a

Kongsberg develops subsea solutions with teams signi? cant improvement in resolution and usable operat- dedicated to underwater mapping (UMAP), underwater ing range. The MS1000 High-Resolution Sonar System navigation (UNAV), subsea monitoring (SuMo), marine is used by search and recovery organizations worldwide, robotics (MARO), underwater cameras and a dedicated while PulSAR is a sophisticated high resolution side scan

Simrad product line for commercial ? shery and marine sonar also for search and recovery operations, in addi- science. The company is focused on delivery of integrated tion to underwater inspection, engineering and scienti? c systems for research vessels and in 2016 announced a surveys.

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