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MTR 100: The 11th Annual Listing of 100 Leading Subsea Companies

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MTR 100

Deep Sea Mooring, Moorland & Vryhof

Kanalsletta 8, Røyneberg, Norway 4052

Phone: +47 51 94 56 00


CEO/President: Wolfgang Wandl

Number of Employees: 70

Annual Sales: $100M ith the com- plex-

Wity and remoteness of offshore develop- ments and the need to manage costs yet adhere to safety and asset integrity, Global

Maritime is meeting customer challenges through a total moor- ing solution. Global

Maritime Vryhof is a developer and provider of offshore anchor- ing technology. Global Maritime Vryhof’s expertise is complimented by that of its sis- ter companies, Global Maritime Mooring

Group s.a. Deep Sea Mooring and Moorlink.

This allows the company to offer customers a full engineering, procurement, construc- plete pre-lay and rig move mooring solutions, marine tion and installation (EPCI) package from design and engineering, and a broad range of ancillary services. installation through to hook-up of the complete mooring Equipment is marked with the company’s patented system. Global Maritime recently put this total mooring RFID technology that allows for fully traceable logis- proposition to the test on the semisubmersible drilling tics, usage and service history. Everything is also linked unit Ocean Monarch with the operator Woodside. The to Global Maritime’s unique E-Yard and Rig Manager total solution consisted of eight 1,750-meter mooring software. Global Maritime Vryhof is the world’s leading lines and four storm mooring lines to ensure stabil- developer and supplier of offshore anchoring technol-

Global Maritime Mooring Group ity during the cyclone season; high-strength Moorlink ogy. It provides mobile mooring, permanent mooring, swivels used to relieve the twist and torque that builds up and installation mooring solutions to the offshore oil and in the mooring line; and mK5 Stevshark anchors. Deep gas, dredging, and marine renewable energy industries.

Sea Mooring’s Advanced Distance and Positioning Sys- Global Maritime Vryhof recently introduced its virtual tem ADAPS and Device Tracking and Control Systems reality moorings experience where - through virtual re-

DTAC were also used. This is just one example of how ality glasses – people are able to walk on the seabed and

Global Maritime is adding value to mooring operations inspect the moorings of different kinds of ? oaters. Glob- worldwide with other recent contracts taking place with al Maritime Moorlink designs, produces, and installs

Det Norske, Quadrant, Transocean, Statoil and more. certi? ed swivel links, connections, and wire clamps for

Global Maritime Deep Sea Mooring offers a compre- use on any chain, wire, or rope. The company’s expertise hensive portfolio of offshore mooring services, includ- enables us to provide safe and ? exible mooring solutions ing the rental of cutting-edge mooring equipment, com- adapted to speci? c requirements.

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