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MTR 100: The 11th Annual Listing of 100 Leading Subsea Companies

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MTR 100 for those operating ROVs without the system recently delivered to Shanghai

SubC Imaging ability to transmit live HD video to the Ocean University, its latest product re-

SubC Imaging develops advanced un- derwater optical imaging systems for a surface. SubC’s products are typically leases include the VisioSphere Situa- worldwide clientele. The private ocean used on ROVs, AUVs, towed platforms, tional Awareness system and the 4K Ul- technology company was founded in ocean observatories and drop camera tra High De? nition (UHD)suite. SubC systems. In addition to a 11,000m rated has been involved in several recent high 2010 by a former ROV pilot and off- pro? le international projects, including shore project manager and creates tech- the search for Amelia Earhart’s plane nologically advanced and capable video wreckage and a survey of the Australian equipment for the offshore and subsea

World War II light cruiser, the HMAS markets. Its product portfolio includes

Sydney wreck. SubC has also had ex- cameras, lasers, multiplexers, batteries, tensive involvement in Ocean Networks and topside media management systems.

Canada Neptune and University of

SubC has made changes in the way sub-

Washington’s RSN ocean observatories. sea imaging is conducted with Remote

The company has been leading the R&D

Operated Vehicles (ROVs). Its ? rst tech- efforts in the area of underwater imag- nology was the 1Cam; a camera that ing, exploring new technological depths enabled ROV pilots to upload standard for harsh, subzero, ice-infused environ- de? nition (SD) footage through existing ments, with an eye on future demand for cables while high de? nition (HD) foot-

Arctic applications.

age was recorded to the camera itself,

Email: to be uploaded once the ROV returned

Website: to the surface. This was a game changer

CEO/President: Chad Collett 10 East Main Street, Richmond, VT 05477

Phone: 802-434-6080



CEO/President: Ben Kinnaman

Number of Employees: 20

Vice President: Marybeth Gilliam

U.S. based Greensea started in 2006 based on the be- lief that a reliable, operator-friendly, integrated navi- gation and control system could dramatically improve work with marine vehicles. Today, the company pro- vides practical commercial solutions to make the work of the marine industry easier, cheaper and ultimately more effective. Using its core technology patent-pend- set of applications built on the OPENSEA library, pow- ing OPENSEA software platform, Greensea has trans- formed vehicles into fully integrated systems across the ers capabilities like inertial navigation, device manage- marine industry – manned, unmanned, surface, subsea. ment, vehicle control, and mission management. And

Using the OPENSEA operating platform, Greensea has it’s all anchored by the library’s comprehensive health and status management framework. Technology Prod- developed commercially available navigation and con-

Greensea trol products that are ? exible and scalable, allowing the ucts Using the OPENSEA operating platform, Greensea provides inertial navigation products (INSpect GS) and same reliable products to run on ROVs, submarines, wa- terjet boats, DPDs, etc. OPENSEA provides a common vehicle control systems (Bale? re) for a full range of au- architecture in an industry full of single-use solutions; it topilots and autonomy. All Greensea products provide a works with any vehicle and any sensor set, and has been fully integrated platform for vehicles to work as a uni- integrated into more than 600 vehicles, giving stability ? ed system.

Greensea is a small business serving the marine indus- to even the most disruptive technology.

How it works: the OPENSEA library ensures proven try, including manned, unmanned, surface and subsea segments. Greensea works with military, scienti? c, aca- performance and functionality by providing native sup- port for thousands of devices. The OPENSEA suite, a demic and commercial organizations.

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