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MTR 100: The 11th Annual Listing of 100 Leading Subsea Companies

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Teledyne Maintains Course

In what has become something of an MTR100 tradition, MTR visits with a trio of executives from Teledyne, a diverse company with links in each sector of the market, for insights on current developments and future trends. This year we speak with Mike Read, President of Teledyne Marine; William Egan - Vice President Sales & Marketing – Imaging & Instruments for Teledyne

Marine; and Ken Nagengast, SVP, Global Technology & Group CTO.

TELEDYNE HAS GROWN STEADILY, SERV- stronger applications development, to synergistic technology platforms: Imag-

ING AS A MARKET CONSOLIDATOR OVER continue our success built on innova- ing (Acoustic & Optical), Instruments,

THE PAST DECADE. PLEASE DISCUSS THE tion, investment and customer service. Interconnect, Seismic and Vehicles. We

OVERALL CORPORATE STRATEGY DEVISED are focused primarily on six signi? cant



THE CUMULATIVE TELEDYNE BRAND, CAN ence, Hydrography/Navigation, De-


YOU SHARE SOME FACTS AND FIGURES fense/Security, Water Resources/Civil

Egan The goal has been to align with

THAT GIVE SIZE, SHAPE AND SCOPE TO engineering and Aquaculture/Fisheries. our customers in their markets, ensuring


This enables us to offer integrated tech- that we maximize the return on invest-

Read Teledyne Technologies Inc. nologies to solve our customers’ most ment for our customers through lever- (NYSE – TDY) is a $2.3B company, challenging problems.

aging skills and knowledge across the founded in the early 1960s that provides whole Teledyne Marine group and Tele- enabling technologies for industrial

PLEASE DISCUSS KEY ACQUISITIONS IN dyne as a whole. This has necessitated a growth markets. We have evolved from

THE PREVIOUS 12 MONTHS, WITH IN- change on how we go to market in sales, a company that was primarily focused

SIGHTS ON WHAT EACH COMPANY OR so rather than multiple independent ap- on aerospace and defense to one that

BRAND ‘BRINGS TO THE TABLE.’ proaches, we are able to bring a coher- serves multiple markets that require ad- Read Over the last year we have ent and cohesive approach to our cus- vanced technology and high reliability. integrated the 23 brands of Teledyne tomers, with the ability to demonstrate In addition to defense and aerospace, Marine into a single cohesive operating the complete solution from Teledyne these markets include deep-water oil team. We’ve structured our team into

Marine supported by domain experts. and gas exploration and production, the ? ve technology segments, to cover

Additionally, across the group we are oceanographic research, air and water our six primary markets and in addition, developing capabilities and solutions quality environmental monitoring, fac- in response to our customers’ requests with the consolidation and relocation of tory automation and medical imaging. to aid them in controlling cost, we have key business operations to enable cen-

Teledyne Marine was created in 2015 consolidated manufacturing opera- ters of excellences. This is something and is a market-focused collection of tions by establishing centers of excel- incredibly unique within the marine 23 Teledyne companies operating as a lence around the world and expanding industry to ensure we can deliver better single consolidated business organiza- sales of? ces into the heart of our busi- products and services to our customers. tion. With over 1700 employees oper- est regions. Most recently we expanded

By bringing these business operations ating out of 25 global manufacturing our Shanghai of? ce and service center together under common management plants and service centers strategically to better service and support the Asia- structures and locations, we are creat- located in major marine and energy paci? c region. Our latest acquisitions ing businesses of more signi? cant scale centers around the world. We offer the include; Bowtech, a leader in subsea to better serve our customers with more most signi? cant range of technology in cameras and lighting and Bolt Tech- powerful scienti? c capabilities and the marine industry built around ? ve nologies, a leader in seismic explora-

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