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MTR 100: The 11th Annual Listing of 100 Leading Subsea Companies

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MTR 100 tory. MRV has research and develop- ment contracts with the U.S. Of? ce of

Naval Research to support their scien- ti? c and military needs.


Multi-Electronique (MTE)

Located in Rimouski, QC Canada and serving worldwide, Multi-Electronique (MTE) Inc. is renowned for the quality of its products and its effective after-sale service. The company offers a large and diversi? ed range of product for oceano- graphic community. The main devices

MRV Systems LLC nke Instrumentation

MRV Systems provides pro? ling are µAURAL, AURAL-M2, and instru- nke Instrumentation designs, manu- mental oceanographic buoys conceived ? oats and autonomous underwater ve- hicles (AUVs) geared for measuring and developed in collaboration with factures and sells instruments and sys- tems for water measurements and en- the oceans’ physical properties. MRV Fisheries and Oceans CANADA.

vironmental monitoring. Its ? elds of

The AURAL devices are autonomous products are designed to be low-cost and high-endurance, to enable ef? cient underwater recording systems. It can application are ocean, deep sea, coastal, which the company serves with a range exploration of the oceans, particularly numerically record underwater sounds of products including data loggers, au- over a period up to a year with total au- in areas where observations by tradi- tonomous buoys, deep ? oats, sediment tonomy. It is mainly used for the listen- tional methods are not practical, cov- sensors and pro? ling ? oats. nke Instru- ering areas from the surface to 6,000m ing of marine mammal’s noises, but also mentation is involved in several research depths. Some are specially designed for underwater noise pollution, methane projects, both nationally and interna- bubbles and the Grand North ice crack- for ease of air deployment. MRV Sys- tionally, and works in partnership with tems was founded in 2010, as a spin-off ing as examples. At the same time, it scienti? c institutions such as Ifremer records pressure and water temperature. from the Scripps Institution of Ocean- and CNRS.

ography, with a license to manufacture These instruments have been deployed

Email: the SOLO II pro? ling ? oat. Since then, all around the globe, by Fisheries and

MRV has re? ned the original SOLO II Oceans CANADA, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, EN- design to the MRV S2-A, and expand-

Novacavi ed its product line to include an A-size STA Bretagne, as well as many uni-

Novacavi is an Italy-based privately versities and research contractors for a pro? ling ? oat, the Air Launched Au- owned company established in 1975 tonomous Micro-Observer (ALAMO). wide range of acoustic application. The

MRV works with the Scripps Institution Instrumental Oceanographic Buoy has that designs and manufactures in-house custom cables for a variety of specialist of Oceanography and the Woods Hole been conceived to accommodate the use applications. The company’s specialties

Oceanographic Institution as suppliers of many instruments in order to satisfy are custom cable design and manufac- the oceanographic researchers’ needs. to the international Argo Program, un- turing, high standard products and tech-

Email: der the auspices of the United Nations. nical support, fast response time, solid

Today, the MRV ? agship product S2-A delivery performance and great experi- constitutes nearly 50 percent of the of ence in subsea application. Novacavi has the United States commitment to pro- been expanding its production of spe- vide replacement autonomous pro? ling cialist cables with Aquancable, a range ? oats to the Argo program. MRV also of unique bespoke cables for maritime provides pro? ling ? oats to the U. S. Na- and underwater technologies includ- val Oceanographic Of? ce and NOAA’s ing high performance tow cables, ROV

Paci? c Marine Environmental Labora- cables, ? ber optic hybrid cables, umbili-

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