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MTR 100: The 11th Annual Listing of 100 Leading Subsea Companies

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tiple disciplines including submersible operations around the globe, marine engineering, and oceanography – along with a proven track record of safe, suc- cessful expeditions – including diving in three oceans with the same team and same submersible in a 30-day period.

OceanGate has made a signi? cant in- vestment in the research, development and manufacturing of a new class of manned submersibles to serve the evolv- ing commercial, research and explora- tion markets. In 2016, OceanGate began developing Cyclops 2, the ? rst of its cals, armored cables, as well as subsea 4,000-m capable manned submersibles OceanGate’s recent Andrea Doria Sur- detection and instrumentation cables. to provide access to more than 50% of vey Expedition. Teledyne Blueview pro-

Novacavi is also focusing on its range of the ocean’s resources. The construction vided multi-beam sonar hardware and custom marine coax tow cables. Among of Cyclops 2 is currently underway, with software for capturing detailed, close-up them both heavy steel armored coax tow the submersible scheduled to debut in sonar images of the iconic shipwreck. cables for harsh specialist applications 2017. Aboard Cyclops class submers-

OceanGate has also developed a Mobile and lightweight, neutral, positively or ibles is technology provided by strategic

Subsea Launch and Recovery System negatively buoyant coax tow cables for partners iXblue and Teledyne Blueview. (MSLARS) for delivering, launching iXblue recently provided its PHINS in- underwater environment.

and recovering manned submersibles.

ertial navigation system for underwa-


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OceanGate, Inc.

OceanGate Inc. provides subsea

New ROS C460 Low Light Camera Offers manned submersible services for in- dustry, research and exploration. Its Exceptional Sensitivity in Ultra-Low ? ve-man submersibles are geared for Light Conditions site survey and inspection, research and data collection, ? lm and media pro- duction, and as deep sea testing plat- form for hardware and software. Since 2009, OceanGate has served the marine subsea market with manned submers- ible solutions developed from innova- tions in engineering, material science and technology. The company’s ? eet of untethered, self-contained manned

The new ROS Monochrome C460 Camera submersibles enables teams of experts offers outstanding performance in ultra low to collaborate at depths of 500 meters light conditions as well as bright sunlight. Features while performing a variety of industrial -6 include a low light sensitivity of 5x10 lux projects, scienti? c research, ? lm proj- and a 570 TVL resolution. The C460 also features a ects, and exploration tasks. The maxi-

Titanium housing, 77 degree field of view and is depth rated to 6000 meters.

mum depth of these projects will extend

For more information contact to 4,000m with the debut of Cyclops 2 scheduled for 2017. OceanGate’s team or visit of professionals brings expertise in mul-

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