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MTR 100: The 11th Annual Listing of 100 Leading Subsea Companies

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MTR 100 with BSEE. At Ohmsett, research and mechanical devices, in a controlled en-


Managed by the U.S. Department of testing is conducted in a realistic set- vironment at meso-scale. The advantage ting to produce the most accurate and is that arduous scaling considerations

Interior’s Bureau of Safety and Environ- reliable results generally without scale are minimized, and validation testing is mental Enforcement’s (BSEE), Ohm- sett – The National Oil Spill Response modeling. Many of today’s commer- more realistic. For government agencies,

Research and Renewable Energy Test cially available oil spill cleanup prod- private industry, and oil spill response

Facility is part of its oil spill research ucts have been tested at Ohmsett and organizations from around the world, a considerable amount of performance Ohmsett is the premier training site program ensuring the best and saf- est oil spill detection, containment and data and information on mechanical for their emergency response person- removal technologies are available to response equipment has been obtained nel. With this hands-on training using here. In addition, the test tank can ac- real oil, participants are able to increase protect the U.S. coastal and ocean en- vironments. The facility is maintained commodate alternative energy devices, pro? ciency using booms and skimmers, by MAR (MD) LLC through a contract in particular wave energy conversion practice removing spilled oil in harbor 21 Thornhill Drive, Dartmouth, NS, Canada B3B 1R9

Phone: 902-468-2505


CEO/President: Tony Chedrawy

Number of Employees: 54

Annual Sales: $15m

Sales Manager: Emily MacPherson

Established in 1985, MetOcean Data Systems has been MetOcean also owns the NOVATECH brand and a world leader in the ocean technology industry for over NOVATECH beacons and ? ashers, products that have 30 years as a developer and manufacturer of data acqui- been proven throughout the world’s oceans and trusted sition and telemetry systems. MetOcean, an ISO 9001 around the globe for over 40 years. The iBCN is the registered company, specializes in the production of air- next-generation of MetOcean’s NOVATECH satellite deployed and ship-deployed drifting buoys, search and beacons, designed for tracking and locating your assets rescue buoys, oil spill tracking buoys, ice platforms and up to full ocean depth (12,000m). The self-contained acoustic systems and defense and security systems. submersible beacons use the bi-directional capabilities

The company’s head of? ce is located in Dartmouth, of the Iridium satellite telemetry system, allowing the

Nova Scotia, Canada. The proximity of its facility to the end user to receive real-time GPS location of their asset

Atlantic Ocean is of prime importance to its operations. and also change and send various reporting parameters

Both the Bedford Basin at the head of Halifax Harbor, to the beacon. The MetOcean Iridium iSLDMB is an and the nearby open ocean provide a test facility no lab innovative, rugged, and compact A-size Self Locating or test tank can duplicate. MetOcean’s facilities have re- Datum Marker Buoy. The iSLDMB was designed and

MetOcean Data Systems cently expanded to occupy a facility of over 40,000 sq. tested to meet the stringent performance requirements ft. of space that is divided into of? ces, labs, prototyping of coastguards for Search and Rescue (SAR) operations facilities, electronics assembly/storage and mechanical in the open ocean. MetOcean products are used to help assembly, with approximately 20,000 sq. ft. of space is save lives when unexpected accidents occur.

strictly dedicated for use as manufacturing space.

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