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MTR 100: The 11th Annual Listing of 100 Leading Subsea Companies

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Meteorological sensors. OSIL offers a


Data buoys and monitoring systems wide variety of sediment coring equip- ment, from off-the-shelf grabs and box manufacturer Ocean Scienti? c Interna- tional Ltd. (OSIL) provides integrated (spade) corers, to bespoke coring sys- systems for environmental monitoring tems such as the Gravity Corer, Piston in all marine applications, including Corer (available in lengths from 3m to 42m), Vibrocorer for dense or com-

MetOcean, Dredge, Coastal and Envi- ronmental Monitoring. The U.K.-based pacted sediments or the industry stan- and nutrient standards. OSIL also has an oceanographic systems company’s fully dard Multiple Corer for undisturbed in-house Marine Instrument Service and instrumented data buoys and monitor- sediment sampling. OSIL are the world Calibration Centre which offers calibra- ing platforms are tailored to customer leading experts in the ? eld of salin- tion, servicing, repair and technical sup- requirements and operational needs, ity measurement, operating the IAPSO port for many of the laboratory and in- and may feature a range of instruments standard Seawater Service using the situ marine instruments that it supplies. world standard in salinometers, as well including Multiparameter Sondes, Cur- rent Meters/Pro? lers, CTDs, SVs and as offering a range of other calibration 12655 Danielson Ct, Poway, CA 92064

Phone 858-864-7775


CEO/President: Dan Rowe

Number of Employees: 20

Annual Sales: $5m

Vice President: Steve Rowe

Marketing Director: Ray Mahr

Sales Manager: Ron Hippe

Engineering Director: Dr. Sai Sarangapani

Rowe Technologies Inc. designs and manufacturers Fran Rowe, a pioneer in the development of ADCP, is

ADCPs and DVLs used for measuring currents, direc- a technical advisor to the company, whose electronics tional waves and underwater navigation for shallow design is combined with advanced acoustic transducer coastal environments to full ocean depths. RoweTech technology to provide ADCPs that are powerful, com- provides dual frequency ADCP/DVL and high resolu- pact and extremely ? exible. These core technologies, tion velocity measurements (0.01 cm/s). RoweTechs’ combined with multiple frequency and packaging op- core team is centered on advanced electronic engineer- tions, provide a cost effective and capable platform to ing and signal processing development, as well as acous- handle a variety of acoustic Doppler applications. The tic transducer design and development of traditional and SeaWATCH ADCP product lines are self-contained (SC) multi-frequency piston products and planar arrays. units that operate on battery power and are meant to be

RoweTechs’ modern electronics platform for ADCPs deployed for extended durations, while the SeaPRO- and DVLs allows for a compact form factor, as well as FILER ADCPs are direct-reading (DR) units used for the ? exibility of up to 16 signal processing channels, and real-time, tethered applications. a high resolution velocity measurement. RoweTechs’ The SeaTRAK vessel-mount family of products con- dual frequency instruments (offered in Piston and Pla- sists of a low-frequency Doppler Array (150 kHz, 75 Hz, nar Arrays) provide the industry’s only high-resolution or 38 kHz) with integrated sonar electronics, interface near ? eld and long-range low-resolution current velocity cable, and a rack-mount power interface unit. The SeaP- measurements on the market. ILOT family of Doppler Velocity Logs (DVLs) uses the

Rowe Technologies Inc.

A vertical beam can be added to both a single set of same core electronics and transducer technologies as de-

Janus-con? gured beams [SeaWAVE ADPC] or to two scribed above, to provide a versatile platform capable of sets of Janus-con? gured beams [SeaSEVEN ADCP]. producing precise bottom-referenced velocity measure-

With RoweTechs’ experience of advanced electronics ments for ROVs, AUVs and other manned/unmanned platform facilitates the development for new and novel submersibles. applications in underwater acoustic data collection, ac- The company also offers OEM packages for custom curate positioning and surveillance. AUVs and ROV applications.

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