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MTR 100: The 11th Annual Listing of 100 Leading Subsea Companies

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Industrieweg 29, Zierikzee, The Netherlands

Phone: +31 (0)111 456000


CEO/President: Gerard Keser

Number of Employees: 125


Vice President: Roddy James, COO

Marketing Director: Rienk de Vries, CCO

GM: Patrick Feeleus (Offshore)

Engineering Director: Edwin Smits

With more than 50 years’ subsea- geophysical survey and geotechnical for economic operations. The vessel speci? c experience, N-Sea offers a investigations; UXO management. N- is ? tted with complete air and nitrox wide range of assurance and main- Sea is particularly known for its safety diving spread and diving daughter tenance services to the oil and gas, innovations within the diving sector. craft. renewable and civil contracting com- The TUP Diving System (Transfer The ship, with its diesel electric munities. With bases in the Neth- Under Pressure) is a modular system propulsion system and optimized erlands, U.K., India, Africa and the consisting of a three-man closed div- hull lines, is designed for low fuel

Middle East, integrated subsea in- ing bell, launch and recovery system, consumption and excellent seakeep- frastructure services provider N-Sea triple-lock decompression chamber, ing. N-Sea utilizes a ? eet of special- serves all major North Sea operators gas diver control (air/mixed) and hy- ist diving and intervention craft ide- and service companies, supporting perbaric rescue craft. N-Sea also de- ally suited for shallow and restricted customers through survey, inspection ploys a modern ? eet of ROVs/ROTVs area access around offshore vessels, and assessment of their assets. N-Sea and vessels for survey, diving and platforms and mobile offshore drill- also installs, inspects, repairs and construction purposes. The DPII DSV ing units where many vessels have maintains infrastructures throughout and Survey/ROV support vessel the limited access for maintenance and the entire lifecycle, in addition to near Noordhoek Path? nder accommodates surveys.

shore, offshore and survey services. 40 people and is equipped with a 25 N-Sea is an acive member of the

The company’s personnel and ? eet metric ton offshore crane, single and IMCA and is certi? ed according to deliver a range of subsea activities multibeam echosounder. This sur- Lloyds Register for the ISO 9001, and subsea interventions including: vey spread can be supplemented by 14001, OHSAS18001. N-Sea invests air diving services and the innovative ROTV mounted sidescan sonar and/or signi? cantly in in-house technology,

TUP Diving System (Transfer Under multibeam echosounder, geotechnical equipment and ? eet to deliver ? ex-

Pressure); construction and position- equipment and\or ROVs as required. ible subsea solutions, combined with ing support; excavation services; The DPII DSV Siem Stork is a dive, cutting edge health and safety inno- inspections by diver/ ROV; pipeline multi-support and construction ves- vation, for the most technically chal- and cable inspections using WROV; sel equipped with azimuth thrusters lenging work scopes.

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