ROV Tech File: Meet the Phantom T5 Defender

Homeland security, law enforcement, military and search and rescue organizations in every region of the United States recently attended demonstrations of the Deep Ocean Engineering Phantom T5 Defender underwater drone in various locations around the country.

This specially-equipped remotely operated vehicle (ROV) was developed in collaboration with Greensea Systems, Tecnadyne, Tritech and Nortek, specifically to provide security organizations with a new technology solution that enhances their ability to accomplish their missions, while at the same time, minimizing risk to personnel.
The Phantom T5 Defender is portable and deployable by two people. It can run on standard 110v or 220v power sources, and can reach a speed of 3 knots submerged. It is equipped with a 12 gauge “shotgun” explosive ordinance disposal (EOD) device that fires its disrupter at point-blank range to disable a potential threat. 
The underwater drone has been under development for 18 months, tested in real-life situations by dive teams and marine units of federal, state and local law enforcement agencies, military bomb teams, search and rescue agencies and homeland security tactical units.
Utilizing the fully integrated Greensea system, the Phantom T5 Defender is piloted either manually with joysticks or automatically using waypoints that allow the drone to execute a preplanned mission. The drones’ five Tecnadyne thrusters work in conjunction with a Tritech multi-beam sonar to easily identify and lock onto targets. With the Greensea system, once the target is identified, a pilot can click on the sonar to engage target-relative positioning of the drone, add hazard or “keep out” zones, automatically orbit the target, station keep on the target, while in current, and reacquire the target. In addition, video and sonar activities are fully integrated into one screen with the vehicle’s navigation information. All vehicle information is georeferenced and recorded for further review at any time.
The Nortek DVL and Tritech Micron INS are fully integrated into the Greensea system and provide crucial information about the vehicle’s position subsea. Using this information, the Phantom T5 Defender can perform the advanced vehicle control features described above. In fact, this combination of technologies allows the pilot operating the topside laptop to move the drone with a click of the mouse in increments as precise as 10cm. Deep Ocean Engineering offers a standard single-function manipulator on the Phantom T5 Defender, however, as an option, can be equipped with multifunction arms based on the needs of the end-user. The flexibility of the system allows interchangeability of cameras and lights, if the end-user requires it.
Most recently, the Phantom T5 Defender participated in a week-long series of tests conducted by independent homeland security evaluators at an undisclosed location. The tests were conducted in open water and in water tank environments, to evaluate performance in meeting specific criteria. The Phantom T5 Defender performed flawlessly, and in several cases, exceeded expectations.
Phantom T5 Specs:
Length: 35”
Width: 21.5”
Height: 22.625”
Weight in air: 150 lbs
Weight in water: Trimmed to be neutral/slightly positive
Operational Depth: 300m (Note: Disruptor undergoing further depth tests. Reliably initiated at depths per the requirements of the application)
Operational Current: 3 knots 
Navigation Sensors: Greensea INS with integrated compass and depth, Nortek DVL 
Sonar: Tritech Gemini 720is multibeam sonar 
Cameras: Full HD 1080i camera, multi-camera option
Umbilical: Falmat fiber optic
Power Supply: 85-265 VAC Single phase, Universal Power Supply, Any standard power source; primary power demands max 30 amps, auxiliary power expandable to user requirements
Manipulator: Single function manipulator (grabber) with cutter blade
(As published in the September 2016 edition or Marine Technology Reporter)
Marine Technology Magazine, page 52,  Sep 2016

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