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Underwater Defence

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HPHT Subsea Choke

Sulzer cMIST

Stress Engineering

Fatigue Monitoring



Company: Stress Engineering Services Company: Techni

Product: Realtime Fatigue Monitoring System Product: BAMSE

A Real Time Fatigue Monitoring System (RFMS) has been BAMSE (B-Annulus Monitoring System) is a pressure and developed to provide fatigue damage of drilling riser, and temperature sensor for installation in the B-annulus of oil and wellhead systems. The wellhead is the last pressure contain- gas wells. The BAMSE system uses no active electronics in ing barrier between the well and environment. Managing the the inaccessible B-annulus and is designed for life-of-well loads ensures that system integrity is not compromised, and reliability.

protects the environment from hydrocarbon discharge.

Company: TechnipFMC

Company: Sulzer, Product: 20k HPHT subsea choke

TechnipFMC 20k HPHT subsea choke is designed to with-

Product: cMIST

ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company’s new Compact stand life-of-

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