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Spotlight on Tech

WeST Drilling Products




Wild Well Control

DeepRange Plug & Abandonment removing all personnel from the rig ? oor during the drilling

Company: Weatherford operation.

Product: AutoFrac RFID-Enabled Stimulation


Company: Wild Well Control

The AutoFrac system enables ef? cient stimulation in open-

Product: DeepRange Plug & Abandonment Tool hole sections of extended-reach offshore wells where tra- ditional technologies have often failed to provide adequate Wild Well’s DeepRange intervention tool delivers a ground- reliability. The system enables remote operation of lower breaking plug and abandonment solution in a riserless pack- completion tools and provides several options for tool com- age. The robust ROV-driven technology offers a minimally munication that do not rely on control lines or mechanical invasive solution that maintains wellbore integrity while actuation. providing a cost-effective yet high-quality option that will change the way subsea P&A operations are done for years to come.

Company: WeST Drilling Products AS

Product: Continuous Drilling and Circulation

Additionally, for a third year, OTC will support and recognize


The Continuous Drilling & Circulation Unit (CDU) – is the the innovative technologies being developed by small busi- heart of the CMR Technology, offering the world’s ? rst con- nesses with the Spotlight on Small Business Award. In addi- tinuous drilling operation, and is also the world’s ? rst fully tion to meeting the above criteria, a small business honoree robotized circulation unit. The CDU substantially (up to must be independently-owned and operated or a not-for-prof- 50%) reduces the overall time of drilling operations because it concern and have no more than 300 employees for the 12 it eliminates down-hole problems associated with differential months preceding the application deadline. The two award sticking and pressure ? uctuations and reduces safety risk by recipients in this category are featured on page 59.

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