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Hydrographic Survey

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Sonardyne Asia Pte. Ltd, of Singapore. North America. Based in Houston, Roan

Subsea Consultancy: 1CS1

The order for Sonardyne’s SPRINT has worked in a variety of regulatory A newly formed subsea integrity inertial navigation system (INS) and compliance and advocacy roles for consultancy, 1CSI (1 Consulting

Syrinx Doppler Velocity Log (DVL) several oil companies and drilling Subsea Integrity) has marked the was placed by the PTTEP-KU and contractors in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico, launch of its business with a move into will be integrated on a 4,000-m rated, and has over 20 years of marine and premises at the James Gregory Center long endurance AUV being built offshore oil and gas industry experience. in the Aberdeen Innovation Park. The for applications including pipeline company was established in April by maintenance and oil-spill detection. CEO Matthew Kennedy and COO

Syrinx DVL is designed to provide tightly integrated beam-level aiding for

SPRINT, even if one or two DVL beams are unavailable. It is able to operate at altitudes up to 50 percent higher than conventional 600 kHz DVLs with the high resolution performance of a 1,200 kHz DVL, all while navigating over undulating and challenging terrain of any type, Sonardyne said.

MMT Wins Pipeline Inspection

MMT Sweden won a three-year contract from Nord Stream AG to inspect both lines of the Nord Stream

Pipeline running through the Baltic Sea from Russia to Germany. The external inspection will be executed in 2017 by a joint venture between MMT Sweden and Reach Subsea.

The scope of the 150-day project includes visual and instrumental inspection of the pipelines with remotely operated vehicles (ROV) over the entire length of the route. The trenched sections and cable crossings of the pipeline will also be inspected. The survey will mainly be conducted from the vessel Stril Explorer.

Roan Joins IMCA

The International Marine Contractors

Association (IMCA) has appointed Eric

Roan as its regulatory representative in

Axel Schmidt /Nord Stream

Stril Explorer with ROV

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