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Hydrographic Survey

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Heriot-Watt University

Eric Roan Aleksandra Tomaszek & Professor John Underhill

Matthew Kennedy

Aleksandra Tomaszek. Kennedy holds geoscience research activities in IPE and habitats. It takes place in the over 30 years of experience within the including the NERC Center for Doctoral Barents Sea with various areas located nuclear, renewable and subsea integrity Training (CDT), the Ogilvie-Gordon 3D above the 78th parallel and typical water industries, and Tomaszek has worked in Audio-Visualization Center (OGAVC) depths ranging from 80 to 3,500 meters. the oil and gas sector since 2011. and UKCS and Frontier Basins PhD The main workscope comprises the research activities. collection of high resolution and density

Industry Funding to Boost multibeam echo sounder data meeting

UK Offshore O&G Research Fugro Begins Survey standards set by the International

A major funding package for the Fugro has commenced a hydrographic Hydrographic Organization. Fugro

Institute of Petroleum Engineering (IPE) survey encompassing an area of will acquire a range of data including at Heriot-Watt University will support Norwegian waters of approximately bathymetry, backscatter and water research and training for the future of the 15,000 square kilometers. column imaging, together with

U.K. offshore industry. Heriot-Watt’s The $4 million contract awarded by sub-bottom and gravimetry data.

chief scientist Professor John Underhill the Norwegian Hydrographic Service has secured $537,000 in funding from is part of the MAREANO program, for STR Doubles Order

Verus Petroleum, an oil company active which Fugro has completed a number Having recently ordered its

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