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Building upon its extensive range of subsea cables, Falmat has launched its next-generation Xtreme Marine Subsea Video Cables, engineered to perform to 7 km depth with full water blocked video cable designs. High performance coax components for SD & HD video transmission are ideal for demanding applications including ROV, diver umbilical, overboard cameras, subsea monitoring, ocean observatories and ? sheries. Falmat is certi? ed to AS9100C / ISO-90001 Quality Management System.

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SWIM Series Falmat

SWIM Series

SOURIAU has launched a dedicated range of shallow water connectors designed for long immersion at low pressure. The dry mate SWIM (Shal- low Water IMmersion) series connectors answer the needs for immersion to 300 meters/1,000ft, and bring reliability, durability and watertightness for applications such as buoys and unmanned surface vehicles. Their thermoplastic construction means they are neither subject to corrosion nor cathodic delamination.

Linden Photonics

Providing more than ? ber only products, Linden Photonics now provides high performance, buoyant copper cables. The manufacturer designs low weight, Kevlar reinforced, high-voltage cables to user speci? cations.

Linden Photonics

Optical 12,000 Meter Connector

New from Teledyne Impulse-PDM is a dry mate underwater 5135/5175 optical connector for ultra-deep water applications, utilizing standard fer- rule technology and available for multi-mode or single-mode operation.

The engaging nuts are also manufactured in the same grade of Titanium and the threads are coated with a Nickel/PTFE composite coating to pre- vent galling. The connectors have been quali? ed to 12,000 meter (17,500 psi) operating depth.

NetG Ethernet Connector

Teledyne Impulse’s standard NETG design uses rugged stainless steel connector bodies with a naval bronze engaging nut. Quali? cation testing performed on the assemblies verifed 1 Gbit/s transmission rates at pres- sures up to 10,000psi. The NETG connector is currently available as an 8 contact Ethernet only version, though additional con? gurations, includ- ing a combination of Ethernet and power contacts are being developed, and will be available in the near future.

Photo: Teledyne Impulse Photo: Teledyne Impulse Photo: Linden Photonics

Teledyne Impulse

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