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Hydrographic Survey

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New Products

Turbidity Sensor With Wiper

Turner Designs has introduced Turbidity Plus, a new single-channel tur- bidity sensor including an integrated wiper which is triggered by the user to help keep the instrument optical face clear. Deployable to 200 meters and available with or without a plastic housing, the turbidity sensor is de- signed for integration with multiparameter systems and dataloggers from which it receives power and the wiper trigger.

Multiplexer Tech to Rental Market

Forum Energy Technologies business Forum Subsea Rentals has brought the DOMINO-7 Mk II and NANO-MUX multiplexers to its global rental market following investment in MacArtney’s EMO range. The compact

MacArtney DOMINO-7 Mk II multiplexer (MUX) can be installed on a range of work class ROVs. A

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