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THE MTR 100 - 12th Annual Listing of 100 Leading Subsea Companies

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Photo: Deep Trekker

Photo: IKM Subsea

ROVs and one observation ROV on Statoil’s Snorre B and teries, making deployment easy and quick for tasks such as

Visund installations will be controlled from IKM Subsea’s contraband inspections and testing hull integrity or thickness. onshore control center. One of the work class ROVs (RROV) Magnetic wheels and various add-ons permit diverse applica- has been designed and engineered to be permanently based tions such as scraping away marine growth or power washing on the seabed and will only be brought to surface for peri- the hull or examining for invasive species while in port. The odic maintenance. The Company Acceptance Test (CAT) with Utility Crawler has both military and municipality applica-

Statoil was completed on June 12 with the ROV at Snorre B tions as well. and the dual control center is now up and running. “We fore- • Hull Inspection: With magnetic wheels, the DT640 Utility see a potential signi

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