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THE MTR 100 - 12th Annual Listing of 100 Leading Subsea Companies

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It’s that time of year again when I search for the market’s most ex- citing products. I was pleased to ? nd that many of my top picks for 2017’s most innovative companies have already been featured, in- cluding Hydromea, Kraken Robotik GmbH, Deep Trekker and Blueye

Robotics. In this year’s MTR100, I introduce just a few of the innova- tive products making waves across the market.

By Kira Coley breaking research this technology has been central to over the last few years. FlowCam is ideal for detecting and “ tracking harmful algae blooms and studying the potential impact of climate change on marine life. NASA and oth- “Meet the FlowCam”

TECHNOLOGY DISRUPTORS er groups have been using the FlowCam to ground truth

Fluid Imaging Technologies satellite imagery data and identify the composition of the open ocean phytoplankton communities.

Much of modern technology focuses on pulling data out Researchers can now see how different kinds of phyto- of the oceans. What I love about this product is its com- plankton in? uence the optical properties of the seawater bined ability of data gathering plus detailed analysis of and can immediately examine whether an unusual com- that data. Fluid Imaging Technologies designs and manu- munity was related to the seawater or to the satellite im- factures the FlowCam, an imaging ? ow cytometer now ages. The FlowCam technology provides high-resolution used in over 50 countries around the world and on numer- maps of phytoplankton that can be related to satellite data ous ocean research vessels. in more meaningful ways than possible before.

The FlowCam automatically and continuously detects Harry Nelson, Fluid Imaging Technologies VP, said, individual waterborne organisms and takes a high resolu- “I’m really excited about the FlowCam 8000, (fourth gen- tion, full-color image of each. It provides more than 30 eration instrument) that we launched last year. We have in- different measurements and can be trained to identify the corporated advances in technology along with input from species with the instrument’s image recognition software, our large customer base and have completely redesigned

VisualSpreadsheet. the instrument to provide for increased data throughput,

One of the most exciting things about the FlowCam high resolution images, increased ? ow cell lifespan and beyond its technological abilities is the range of ground- streamlined operations.” “ “The Submaran ... one of a kind”

Ocean Aero

Ocean Aero is a San Diego based company focused on accelerating discovery of our world’s oceans. The award- winning Submaran is the product behind these aspirations – a vehicle for unmanned ocean exploration, both above and below the surface.

The Submaran is a powerful, hybrid, unmanned surface, and subsurface vessel – the only one of its kind – that has the capability to perform operations for months at a time.

Completely scalable to ? t customer’s needs, the Submaran can host numerous sensors to provide versatility on mis- sions.

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