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Image: Ocean Aero

Over the last year Ocean Aero has been extremely successful “ in two U.S. Department of Defense sponsored exercises. In 2016, the Submaran was the critical node in relaying instruc- “Snake-like vehicle Eelume” tions from a shore base ground control station to the Lockheed

Kongsberg Maritime

Martin Marlin UUV via underwater acoustic communica- tions. In 2017, Ocean Aero partnered with SPAWAR Systems

Center Paci? c (SSC Pac) in integrating an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), Vapor. The UAV worked as a communications I spotted the latest addition to Kongsberg Maritime portfolio relay with the Submaran, allowing the systems to collect near at the Ocean Business event earlier this year: a disruptive tech- real time information for the war? ghter tasked with making nology for subsea inspection, maintenance and repair (IMR). mission-critical decisions. The Eelume is a totally new and unique concept for subsea

Ocean Aero continues to improve all its products and capa- intervention and as such looks and operates like no other ma- bilities. An Australia-based Ocean Aero operator successfully rine robot before it. controlled a San Diego based Submaran through a full set of Eelume vehicles are basically self-propelled robotic arms autonomous test and trial missions. This demonstrates the whose slender and ? exible body can transit over long dis- global coverage and abilities of the Ocean Aero systems from tances and carry out IMR in con? ned spaces not accessible over 9,000 miles away. by conventional underwater vehicles. Its ability to change its

Eric Patten, Ocean Aero CEO and U.S. Navy Captain (Ret.), shape and hold postures allows intricate interactions using a said, “The thing I have enjoyed most is seeing the daily prog- diverse toolset including torque tools, grippers and special- ress our team makes with the Submaran and how all the work- ized maintenance equipment. ing parts come together to make an incredible product. I am The vehicles are engineered to live permanently under wa- proud of our team and I love seeing how we have pushed – ter, where they can be mobilized 24/7 regardless of weather and continue to push – the envelope on what we previously conditions. Kongsberg Maritime are working closely with thought was impossible with the Submaran. Our engineers are partners on the Eelume project, making progress with inspec- always thinking outside of the traditional constructs of a ‘boat’ tion and intervention capabilities that will be demonstrated to creatively solve the challenges our customers are seeking to later this year. Richard Mills, Director sales Marine Robot- address. You can expect to see Ocean Aero continue to adapt ics, Kongsberg Maritime, said, “2017 has been an exciting and expand our capabilities in the future to suit the needs of year for spreading the message about exactly what Eelume various industries. We also envision a ? eet of various sized can do. In February, we released the ? rst footage of Eelume

Submarans that can be used together or alone to complete in action and the response we received from the industry was missions for customers.” incredible. The footage captured at the PREZIOSO Linjebygg

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