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envelope in what is considered state of • mini-ROV: Subsea Tech offers a the art underwater optical technology. full range of ultraportable mini-ROV

From its underwater cameras to media (Guardian, Observer, Sentinel) to carry management with its DVR/Overlay sys- out visual and sonar inspections down to tem, SubC continues to innovate with 150m depth. new features and capabilities for a wide • USVs: Subsea Tech proposes two variety of underwater platforms. models of small catamaran type USV:

SubC is proud of to be a part several Catarob and CAT-Surveyor. Catarob is a

TCarta Marine high pro? le international projects in- light and easy to transport (50 kg/1.8m), cluding the search for Amelia Earhart’s able to embed up to 15kg of payload. ous bespoke satellite derived bathyme- plane and a survey of Australia’s World CAT-Surveyor is larger (270kg/3m), de- try projects around the world, providing

War II light cruiser, the HMAS Sydney. signed for harbor and coastal area sur- data in shallow water locations dif? cult

SubC has also had extensive involve- veillance survey. It has a payload capac- to access with a survey vessel. Large ar- ment with ocean observatories including ity of 80 kg. eas can be produced very quickly at a

Ocean Networks Canada’s Neptune and fraction of the cost of traditional survey

University of Washington’s Regional methods. TCarta Marine are now work-

TCarta Marine

Scale Nodes. Didcot, Oxfordshire, UK ing in partnership with DHI Group to create a global satellite derived bathym- etry database. All depths are extracted

Subsea Tech

Marseille, France TCarta Marine LLC of Denver merged from DigitalGlobe WorldView-2 and with Proteus Geo of Oxford, UK, to cre- WorldView-3 multi-spectral satellite ate a global mapping company that pro- imagery using a customized, proprietary

Subsea Tech has been designing and vides bathymetric and marine data sets algorithm, and then a modeled tidal ad- manufacturing mini-ROV and USV for from the shallow coastal zone out to the justment is applied. The technology al- scienti? c, civil and defense market for continental shelf. Its new BATHYMET- lows data to be produced to 20m water more than 10 years. It is based in Mar- ICS portal is a unique instantly accessi- depths (where conditions allow), every seille, an engineering company special- ble off the shelf global bathymetry prod- two meters on the sea ? oor, and through ized in marine and underwater technolo- uct. The organization provides product a European Space Agency funding pro- gies with three main activities: lines that include high-resolution sat- gram data will be available instantly • R&D: development of bespoke solu- ellite-derived water depth and sea? oor through an online portal. By the end of tions to answer speci? c needs in un- map products, as well as 90m and 30m 2017, the TCarta Marine team will have derwater observation, intervention or GIS-ready bathymetric data aggregated produced more than 100,000 sq. km. of monitoring based on customer supplied from numerous information sources. data in various shallow water locations speci? cations. TCarta Marine have completed numer- around the world. • Production: fabrication and support of small and medium series of mini

ROVs, unmanned catamarans (USV) and underwater cameras. • Intervention: underwater inspection services with a team of professional pi- lots for video/sonar inspection, bathym- etry, mainly on civil works like ports infrastructures, dams, bridges, locks, canalizations, water reservoirs, etc.

Products include:

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