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THE MTR 100 - 12th Annual Listing of 100 Leading Subsea Companies

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oceans, lakes and rivers. RoweTechs’ team is

Rowe Technologies centered on advanced electronic engineering

Poway, CA, USA and signal processing development as well as acoustic transducer design and develop-

Annual Sales: $4,000,000.00 ment of traditional and multi-frequency piston products and planar arrays. RoweTech’s dual

Rowe Technologies, Inc., founded by Dan and frequency instruments (offered in piston and

Steve Rowe in 2009, is a private company. Dan and Steve Rowe are the sons of Fran Rowe, planar arrays) provide high-resolution near ? eld and long-range low-resolution current the originator of the Acoustic Doppler Current velocity measurements on the market. A verti-

Pro? ler (ADCP) and the Doppler Velocity Log cal beam can be added to both a single set of (DVL). RoweTech employs a highly experi-

Janus-con? gured beams [SeaWAVE ADCP] enced, innovative staff to develop, manufac- ture, market, and service leading-edge, high or two to sets of Janus-con? gured beams [Sea- quality, sonar systems for worldwide use, in SEVEN ADCP].

Rowe Technologies

Fareham, Hampshire, UK,

Saab Seaeye Ltd.

Saab Seaeye manufactures electric underwater robotic sys- system architecture, which comprises a set of hardware and tems for markets including: oil and gas, renewable energy, software building blocks that allow harmonious migration of hydro and civil engineering, marine science, aquaculture, nu- concepts across different systems and accelerates future de- clear engineering, telecoms, security and emergency, salvage, velopment innovation.

seabed mining, leisure and defense. Saab Seaeye has facilities Simplifying and standardizing system architecture reduces in the U.K., Sweden and the U.S. and employs more than 250 the number of components and sub-systems, increases ? ex- people. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Saab AB, listed ibility, promotes understanding, reduces risk during system on the Swedish Stock Exchange. Exports from Saab Seaeye development and makes it easier and faster to bring new prod- stand at over 80% of sales with the company represented and ucts to market - and react quickly to changes.

supported in 25 countries around the world, and has an of? ce As an intelligent control system, iCONTM, is a vital inno- in Houston. Founded in 1986, Seaeye has pioneered many in- vation that effectively enables a system to ‘think for itself’, novations in the ROV industry, including: leaving the operator free to concentrate on the task at hand. • Brushless DC thrusters iCON independently manages each device on the vehicle, • Polypropylene chassis including fault accommodation, as every device is aware of • Carbon ? ber pressure vessels its own status, predicts failure and takes action as necessary to • Distributed intelligence control system keep the vehicle working, even with multiple equipment dam- • Fault-tolerant systems with self-diagnostics age. Its range of vehicles include: • High frequency power distribution

More than 900 underwater systems have been sold, ? tted Name Thrusters Rated (m) with a range of standard and custom designed tooling and sensors that includes cameras, manipulators, survey sensors, Falcon 5 300 & 1000 cutters, tracking systems, sonars, torque tools and water jet- Tiger 5 1000 ting tools. The company also designs and manufactures a Lynx 6 1500 range of underwater vehicle handling devices including Tether SeaOwl XTi 6 3000

Management Systems. The Saab Seaeye vehicle range comes Cougar XT 6 2000 in various sizes, power and tasking options that extend from Cougar XT Compact 6 300 man-portable inspection systems up to deep-rated work sys- Cougar XTi 6 3000 tems. They extend from tethered and autonomous to remote Panther XT 6 1500 resident systems. Panther XT Plus 10 1000

The overarching breakthrough that drives innovation, de- Leopard 11 3000+ velopment and operations throughout the company is Saab Jaguar 8 3000+

Seaeye’s iCONTM technology toolbox. It allows e-robotic Sabertooth 8 3000m systems to bene? t from intelligent, behavior-based control HyBIS 0 6000

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