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THE MTR 100 - 12th Annual Listing of 100 Leading Subsea Companies

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the GPS coordinates of stationary equip- ment placed on the seabed, or tracks the path of moving devices, or divers, used in subsea exploration, inspection or search missions. • The seabed survey equipment builds a 2D pro? le, a picture of the geology beneath, that helps determine the best place for construction pilings for wind turbines for example, or the best routes to bury pipes or cables.

Aquatic Alseamar

Sea). The ? fth line of products, sold

Aberdeen, Scotland, UK

ALSEAMAR under the BMTI brand name, includes

Meyreuil, PACA, France ultra-deep water buoyancy materials. Its innovative syntactic foam formulations Aquatic Engineering & Construction and closely controlled manufacturing Ltd., an Acteon company, is a leading

ALSEAMAR has been successful over processes have made ALSEAMAR a independent service provider of carou- the past year: Its SeaExplorer glider key industrial player.

sels, modular drive systems and ten- continues to gain market share (e.g. sioner solutions for the global oil and

Applied Acoustics contract for 4 SeaExplorer in March gas, telecommunications and energy 2017 with DFO Canada). It also signed Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, UK industries. Aquatic develops and lever- a major contract for the supply of syn- ages innovative technology and offers tactic foam blocks to Oceaneering for an extensive range of equipment for in- a groundbreaking project in the Gulf Applied Acoustics designs and manufac- stalling and spooling of ? exible systems of Mexico. Finally, its detector made it tures high-tech subsea positioning tran- such as risers, ? owlines, umbilicals, possible to locate the black boxes of the sponders, USBL underwater tracking cables and mooring lines. The spectrum

Egyptair plane who crashed in the East- systems and sub-bottom pro? ling equip- of services includes SURF knowledge, ment. The company, founded in 1989, project management, offshore exper- ern Mediterranean in May 2016.

The Seaexplorer, Deepexplorer and initially provided equipment to the off- tise, engineering, HSEQ and logistics.

Ultradeepexplorer gliders are underwa- shore energy sector but, in addition, now

One of Aquatic’s solutions for deep wa- ter unmanned vehicles with very long supplies oceanographic institutions and ter installation operations came from a endurance, allowing them to remain at defense industries that are all supported North Sea project requirement which sea from 4 to 8 weeks. The second line by a network of overseas distributors. required tensioners that could provide in of products is speci? cally for special The two product lines both use acoustic excess of 50Te of holdback tension dur- naval forces: it includes underwater technology, that is the transmitting and ing deployment of an umbilical. Aquat- vehicles to transport combat swimmers receiving of soundwaves underwater, to ic’s in-house electrical, hydraulic and and for ISR missions. The third line of either position equipment that cannot structural engineering teams designed be detected visually under the sea, or to an innovative solution to integrate and products is speci? c to radio-communi- cations antennas for navy vessels and survey the uppermost sediment and rock control two 50Te tensioners together in submarines, and expendable radio-com- layers of the seabed. series to increase the overall hold back • The positioning equipment provides tension to 90Te. munications buoys launched from sub- marines. The fourth line of products is acoustic equipment: GIB acoustic sys- tems are used to track underwater ve- hicles and torpedoes and to train crew.

The DETECTOR is used to detect black boxes: ALSEAMAR successfully took part in locating plane crashes at sea, such as Egyptair ? ight MS804 (Medi- terranean), the Sharm-El-Sheikh crash (Red Sea) and the Sotchi crash (Black Aquatic Engineering & Construction Applied Acoustics

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