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THE MTR 100 - 12th Annual Listing of 100 Leading Subsea Companies

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Focal Technologies

Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada

Focal Technologies, a Moog Inc. Com- pany, specializes in providing electrical slip rings, ? ber optic rotary joints, hy- draulic utility swivels and ? ber optic multiplexer solutions for the worldwide

Focal Technologies

DimEye marine industry including ROV, seismic, mance, simplify system operation and


FPSO turret and oceanographic applica-

Calabasas, CA, USA tions. Product features include hybrid eliminate damage-prone wires dangling from movable joints. Focal also designs, packages that combine ? ber, electrical manufactures and delivers unique Float-

Annual Sales: $2,000,000.00 and ? uid rotary joints for harsh envi- ing Production System (FPS) swivels ronments, explosion proof/? ameproof to meet the demanding requirements

DimEye, founded in 2009, developed for hazardous locations and adapta- a new technology called VLS (Video tion to customers’ size and mounting of offshore operators worldwide. FPS

Laser Scan). By processing HD video constraints. Electrical Slip Rings are Swivels are used in a variety of Floating recorded from ROV, VLS allows high- electromechanical devices that allow Production Systems including buoys, turret moorings and offshore loading accuracy 3D survey of any subsea struc- the transmission of power and electrical ture. Accurate measurements that have signals from a stationary to a rotating towers. Focal Multiplexer products of- fer a range of time division multiplexers never been done before are now pos- structure. A slip ring can be used in any sible, providing highly reliable informa- electromechanical system that requires and wave division multiplexers. These tion for Integrity Management of Assets unrestrained, intermittent or continuous multiplexing techniques can be used to simplify optical transmission systems and Modi? cation Projects. rotation while transmitting power and/or and reduce cost, improve reliability, re- data. It can improve mechanical perfor-

DeepSea Power & Light, Inc.

San Diego, CA, USA

DeepSea Power & Light was founded 34 years ago as a supplier of subsea batteries, lights, cameras, la- sers, and pressure relief valves. Its product line has grown to include underwater video systems, lighting solutions, pressure relief valves, and lasers. Design criteria for products include ease of service, reliability, high performance, and cost effectiveness. Products are rigorously tested in both the initial design process and manufacturing stage to perform in the harsh marine environment–from wet/dry surface applications to full ocean depth deployments. DeepSea Power & Light t offers a versatile product line while developing new DeepSea Power & Light designs to continue exceeding market expectations.

The Seacam cameras include HD and analog video outputs and zoom cameras. Common features include sapphire ports and wide angle optics. Many models are available in a titanium housing for long-term immersion and corrosion resistance, and select models have a full ocean depth rating option. Most SeaLite luminaires come with full dimming capabilities for a variety of subsea applications. A titanium housing and full ocean depth rating option are available on select models. The LED

SeaLite offers Seasense Serial Protocol and Multiray: a compelling technology that enables a single luminaire to separately operate two LED and beam pattern con? gurations. Other products include the SeaBattery Power Module, a lead acid battery rated to full ocean depth; SeaLasers, available with line or dot outputs; and SeaVent pressure relief valves with adjustable cracking pressure and vacuum attachment options.

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