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THE MTR 100 - 12th Annual Listing of 100 Leading Subsea Companies

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Novacavi provides tailor-made cables for land, downhole, seabed, marine and multidisciplinary monitoring systems speci? cally engineered to perform in presence of critical depth, extreme tem- peratures, mechanical stress, pressure and aggressive agents. Recent leading products include P_22SSA ruggedized custom cable (pictured) to support reli- able and secure monitoring activity of marine environment. This electro-opti- cal-mechanical custom cable enriches our extremely diverse production range of subsea armoured cable for detection

Nobeltec Inc.

and instrumentation in defence and envi-

Beaverton, OR, USA

Copenhagen Subsea ronmental monitoring applications. Key advantages of this armored halogen free

Copenhagen Subsea A/S low smoke cable are high working load

TZ Professional v3 provides a software performance, protection against elec-

Copenhagen, Denmark program that has unrivalled 3D bottom tromagnetic interference, compactness mapping allowing ? shermen to get in- and versatility. 7SSA22 custom rugged sights like never before. Thanks to 30 armored cable for logging downhole

Copenhagen Subsea A/S is trendset- years of working in marine navigation, equipment in geothermal power plants ting in thruster technology, develop-

TIMEZERO boasts a powerful technol- ing a revolutionary series of powerful to operate in a 4km depth geothermal ogy that was developed with a unique well at a working temperature of more and silent subsea thrusters. It has set a vision allowing for continuous innova- new standard for testing the reliability than 300°C. Its tough performance is tion. TZ Professional software has been achieved through technological and by verifying them through an intensive designed to answer the navigation needs 1,000 hour test. Copenhagen Subsea applicative expertise in choosing and and requirements of all professional working high-temperature insulations,

A/S is always attentive on new tech- seafarers. With features that are truly special copper alloys and anticorrosive nology and endeavors to optimize the cutting-edge, TIMEZERO software has galvanized plow steel for armoring.

currently utilized technology. It uses two main objectives: Supreme control the newest manufacturing technology and performance. for our innovative thruster technology,

TIMEZERO software caters to the such as 3D printing for propellers.

user’s needs no matter the activity. TZ

Savante Subsea

Professional v3 software provides a

Aberdeen, Aberdeen City, UK powerful tool for commercial ? shing that improves identifying areas with great ? shing potential.

Savante Subsea, founded in 2003, is one of the longest established underwater la-

NOVACAVI ser and photogrammetry-based SLAM

Peschiera Borromeo, Lombardia, Italy scanning companies in the world. It has developed a range of underwater laser scanners and measurement tools for use

Novacavi Nobeltec

Savante Subsea

Copenhagen Subsea

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