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THE MTR 100 - 12th Annual Listing of 100 Leading Subsea Companies

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with ROVs, divers and seabed landers. TechWorks Marine represents a number

Savante has pioneered the development of leading international oceanographic of 5D laser measurement solutions in the sensor suppliers, including Nortek, Sea- underwater environment. Its equipment bird Scienti? c, Pro-Oceanus, McLane, is widely operated aboard remotely op- VideoRay and Xeos.TechWorks Marine erated vehicles, divers (from SCUBA to offer full metocean services including: saturation gas), a range of seabed land- • Real-time integrated marine data ers and towed benthic sledges. buoy networks • Tidal and wave resource assessment

TechWorks Marine • Wave measurement surveys for model

Dublin, Ireland validation • Current pro? le measurement for mod- el validation

TechWorks Marine are leaders in marine • Tidal surveys data, offering marine data solutions to a • Water quality monitoring broad range of clients, providing sys- • Real-time dredge monitoring buoy tems on a sale or lease option depending networks. on their speci? c requirements. Core to • Water and sediment sampling and its marine data systems are the TMBB analysis command and control system and Coast- • Meteorological measurements

Eye, the web-based data portal. These • Hydrographic surveys Our consul-

Sidus Solutions allow management of marine assets tancy services include project manage- remotely. Many different data streams ment, site supervision, risk assessment can be integrated to CoastEye, includ- and independent evaluation in support

Sidus Solutions ing Earth Observation and model data. of ? eld campaigns.

San Diego, CA, United States

Sidus Solutions, LLC is an integrated systems provider of security and video surveillance systems for worldwide businesses in the research, heavy in- dustry, commercial, military, oil and gas markets. It is a full service provider, offering complete end-to-end solutions from concept design, product selection, engineering, manufacturing, technical and customer support. Specializing in subsea cameras, robotic-positioning, and lighting systems, Sidus services and manufactures complete, integrated security and surveillance solutions for any subsea application. Sidus equip- ment, operational to 6,500m depths, is available alone or to integrate with ex- isting systems. From concept design to technical support, Sidus has solutions for every need.

SIDUS is a global leader in the de- sign and manufacturing of subsea po- sitioners, cameras, lighting, lasers, & inspection systems. SIDUS products improve safety, ef? ciency and ease of operation in challenging environments.

TechWorks Marine

July/August 2017

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